• Air / Tak 2100 cfm Heated Blower purge Twin Tower Desiccant Dryer 0 purge loss

    $12,440 - Waupaca, WI Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Air / Tak

    air / tak dryer complete with pre and after filter. this is a heated blower purge dryer and uses only 0% of compressed air. non heated uses 15% of compressed air. heated uses 7% of compressed air. ...

  • Bolz 50L 316SS Cone Screw Dryer-Mixer system designed for R&D, Pilot, or small scale production

    No price - Penns Grove, NJ
    • Manufacturer: BOLZ

    bolz 50l 316ss cone screw dryer-mixer system designed for r&d, pilot, or small scale production. this is a very nice turnkey system that includes the 50l size unit mounted into a frame, vessel can ...

  • Watson Marlow 195 Gal Vacuum Pan Dryer 7029

    No price - Red Bank, NJ
    • Manufacturer: Watson Marlow

    watson marlow model mg0629 195 gallon loadsure peristaltic pump. pump driven by a 230/400 v, 0.37 kw, 1390 rpm flameproof electric motor through a geared drive. 740 liters (195 gallons).

  • Chemtech 18 " Wide Fluid Bed Dryer 2304

    No price - Red Bank, NJ
    • Manufacturer: Chemtech

    used 6 square feet sulzer chemtech fluid bed dryer, type ftf 60/500, material of construction 316l stainless steel. design pressure of 0.7 psi @ 600 deg. f. this unit is part of a complete drying s...

  • Glatt Air Techniques GPCG-15 Fluid Bed Dryer 12423

    No price - Red Bank, NJ
    • Manufacturer: Glatt

    used glatt gpcg-15 sc fluid bed dryer/granulator. design is 3 bar pressure shock rated for aqueous processing only. sc, or super-clean, design. featured with stainless cartridge air pulse exhaust f...

  • 207 Sq Ft Denver Equipment Co. Holoflite Processor / Dryer 11672

    No price - Red Bank, NJ
    • Manufacturer: Denver Equipment Co.

    used 207 sq. ft. denver holo-flite processor. model d1618-6-ged. carbon steel construction. housing and screws are carbon steel. trough is jacketed and screw are hollow for passing liquid coolant t...

  • 10 Cu Ft Stokes Double Cone Conoform Vacuum Dryer 9057

    No price - Red Bank, NJ
    • Manufacturer: Stokes

    stokes rotary vacuum dryer, model 159-203-p77293, serial # p-77724. features 10 cubic foot working capacity, total capacity 15.4 cubic foot, shell rated for full vacuum @ 350 deg f, shell jacket is...

  • 28 Sq Ft Grieve Drying Oven 12265

    No price - Red Bank, NJ
    • Manufacturer: Grieve

    unused grieve electric convection oven, model aa-500, "universal oven", serial # 330752. features maximum temperature to 120 degrees f, 13.2 cubic foot stainless steel interior, accepting 7 shelves...

  • 276 " Dia GEA Niro Spray Dryer 8381

    No price - Red Bank, NJ
    • Manufacturer: GEA

    used 23 ft x 86 ft niro spray drying system, built 1980, (1500 lbs/hr evaporation rate). niro spray drying system is available with: spray dryer chamber: by niro, atomizer design pressure is 450 m...

  • Sahara C3E4-1S

    No price - Cleveland, OH Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Sahara

    used sahara electric drum oven, 2 door design, model c3e4-1s, stainless steel interior, approximate chamber dimensions 60" left to right x 75" top to bottom x 40" front to back, panelmate pro-lt co...