• Griesser 1714 Dung crane

    $6,389 - Bieri Landmaschinen GmbH, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Griesser

    hydraulic drive via power take-off, hydraulic rear and front supports, operating hours counter, tires 11.5x-15, reach 6m, manure fork with 12 tines, good condition

  • Griesser 1414 Dung crane

    $6,389 - Stöckli Landtechnik AG, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Griesser

    top condition, little used 12 tine grippers vat: margenbesteuert en | subcategory 2: berschisi offer | agricultural technique | subcategory 3: fertilzing | subcategory 4: crane for liquid manure | ...

  • 1986 Griesser 1614 Dung crane

    $6,684 - Mäder AG Landmaschinen, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Griesser

    ams 13066 year: 1986 color: yellow, new varnished accessories: manure spreader, hydraulic support joint shaft projection: from the support of 4 meters, from the center of the turret to 5.1 meters c...

  • 1983 Griesser AB 3800 Dung crane

    $5,768 - Mäder AG Landmaschinen, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Griesser

    ams 17713 year: 1983 attachment: rear three-point color yellow accessories: with pto shaft tool: spoon 42 cm and 62 cm

  • 1989 Krüger L 223 Dung crane

    $7,856 - Bächtold Landtechnik AG, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Krüger

    mist crane with power take-off and electric motor, hydr. supports in the back and front, reach approx. 5.80m, bitch 80cm wide

  • 1998 Oehler OL 313 S Dung crane

    $5,867 - Völlmin Landtechnik AG, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Oehler

    • with 360 ° swivel • hydraulic support • mist fork (without shovel) • from service • good condition

  • Krüger L223 Dung crane

    No price - Schneider Landmaschinen und Mechanik AG, Switzerland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Krüger

    tongs with rotator, new control block, rotary joint sealed condition: good

  • Loma LM20 Dung crane

    $5,221 - Lingg Agrartechnik AG, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Loma

    condition good, high seat, euro lever operation, tongs 85cm, grablöffel

  • 2015 BIG BUD Action! Hydr. Cone splitter for attaching to excavator, dung crane, wooden crane, yard loader

    No price - Rindisbacher Land- und Forsttechnik, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: BIG BUD

    thousands proven cone splitters with hydr. drive. split cone with replaceable wear tip. sturdy front bearing, oil motor ideally protected in a specially conical housing. various models for excavato...

  • Bazzoli B7 trailer model Dung crane

    $5,469 - Gebr. Siegenthaler AG, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Bazzoli

    very good condition, with electric motor and pto shaft