• Stove oven MIWE RI - FO 60 - 100

    $3,218 - Leipzig, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Miwe

    racking furnace of miwe type ri / fo 60/100 with fermentation room miwe mgt - gas - for sheet metal 60/100 - 1 car with plates incl - both systems are functionally tested and are in a bakery state ...

  • Stikkönofen W&P Rototherm 1280

    No price - Siemianowice Śląskie, Poland Recently Added

      stikkoofen w & p rototherm 1280 year of manufacture ca. 1993-94 with oil burner for sheet metal 60x100 computer control in stock without warranty price on request with vat export prices

    • 2001 Stikkenofen Miwe Roll-in

      No price - Siemianowice Śląskie, Poland Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Miwe

      stikkenofen miwe roll-in year of construction 2001 electrical power approx. 65 kw hood for sheet metal 60x80 generally overhauled fully assembled in stock price on request with vat export prices

    • 2004 Stove W & P Unitherm

      No price - Siemianowice Śląskie, Poland

        stove w & p unitherm year of construction 2004 for sheet metal 60x80 oil burner computer control in bakery state fully assembled technically and visually good in stock price on request with vat exp...

      • 2002 Stikkenofen MIWE ROLL-IN

        $3,539 - Düren, Germany Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: Miwe

        miwe roll-in stove oven year of construction: 2002 fuel: gas for 60x80 sheets until 31.03.2017 in operation price from bakery

      • Stikkenofen Daub Thermo Roll RDTO

        No price - Masovian Voivodeship, Poland Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: Thermo

        daub oven thermo-roll type rdto 08.12,5.10 sx02 or 10.12,5.10 an oven for 20 plates usable total area 10sqm or 12sqm 6 rooms total area 60m² or 72m² - 120bleche oven is in very top condition genera...

      • 2001 Miwe RI / FO 60/60 Stove oven - 60

        No price - Cologne, Germany
        • Manufacturer: Miwe

        2 x miwe ri / fo 60/60 cm gas burners stainless steel door stop on the left one oven is supplied per oven further cars and matching perforated plates 60/60 are available at an extra charge technica...

      • Stikkenofen Daub Thermo-Roll

        No price - Wuppertal, Germany
        • Manufacturer: Thermo

        daub thermo oil system thermo-roll type rdto generalüberholt 10 floors - stove dimensions 80 - 100 x 125 cm 10 m2 - 12 m2 - total usable surface area door stop left or right baking trolley with 10 ...

      • Thermo oil rack oven MIWE

        No price - Heinsberg, Germany
        • Manufacturer: Miwe

        there are 3x thermal oil ovens for sale. these barbecues are still in the bakery, from where they are to be dismantled and collected there is a car to the stoves. only 1x car. on the basis of th...