• Fat baking device esback

    No price - Altenglan, Germany

      it is an es-back branded berlin car. for about 40 - 45 berliners with a fermentation chamber and 10 tipping troughs it is in a very good clean condition. made of stainless steel if desired, you c...

    • Riehle continuous grease gun

      $17,883 - Hagenbach, Germany

        riehle continuous fryer dla 150 g / dla 300 g 3 times absolutely new. vhb price 16000 .- from location. operating instructions available

      • 1994 Habersang grease baking system Primus 5 / E NC series station

        No price - Cologne, Germany
        • Manufacturer: Habersang

        habersang primus 5 / e nc series grease baking station with a lot of accessories second hand grease baking station with reversing device consisting of fat baking device with stainless steel lid, dr...