• 2005 Fat baking machine Riehle FWE 1188 H36W88

    No price - Rottenburg, Germany Recently Added

      year of construction 2005 for about 30 berliners with digital control with lid incl. dipping grid, incl. 2 turning grilles with fermentation room incl. wagon with 10 boards with autom. wendestatio...

    • WW-GW 10 Grease gun Jufeba

      No price - Babenhausen, Germany Recently Added

        jufeba fat baking machine model: ww-gw 10 - 2 full-length baskets - 1 trolley with 10 alu tipping booms - 1 room for fermentation - foldable steam cover - draining plate - stainless steel construct...

      • Greasy Esback

        No price - Altenglan, Germany

          it is a berlin device of the brand esback, with turning device, drain plate, grille, fermenting room, with 10 tipping (aluminum) on request several available. this also includes a small extractor ...

        • Fat baking machine Roka

          $1,048 - Düren, Germany Recently Added

            roka fat baking machine the fat baking device is in good condition used and functional complete with lid, drip tray, two seven, drain cock and extractor hood with 10 holes measurements: 113 cm long...

          • Fat baking machine Roka factory

            $1,048 - Düren, Germany Recently Added

              roka works fat baking device for 20 berliners the fat baking device is in good condition 2 sieve a sieve with tipping device drain plate and drain cock with 10 tilting tables used and functional

            • Grease back station

              $1,005 - Nideggen, Germany Recently Added

                meistermarken fettbackstation for sale 380 v, top condition price 950 € net of stock