• 1997 L&L Special Furnace Co. XLC836-FA14-01-G397-408R3K-J96

    $21,500 - Solon, OH, USA
    • Manufacturer: L&L Special Furnace Co.

    atmosphere retort box furnace (hydrogen & argon) 2000 degree f. capacity description: brick lined box furnace with removable roll-in alloy retort complete with single swing-out front door, and spo...

  • Lindberg RO-122410-A

    $5,950 - Solon, OH, USA
    • Manufacturer: Lindberg

    temperature range: 2,000 degrees f. working dimensions: 12"w x 24"d x 10"h fuel: electric - 480 volt/59 volt/3 ph - 15kw brick lined atmosphere box furnace complete with "rod-over-bend" heating ele...

  • C-2121TCZ To Compartment Electric Furnace

    No price - United States Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: PM

    compartments are 20"d x 12"w x 8"h., 230 volt. building 368.


    No price - Newark, NJ, USA Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: RAM

    3000 lb/hr ajax-wyatt double ram tilt induction furnace type 129 (melting furnace) manufacturer - ajax electric furnace corp. furnace capacity - 3000 lbs/hr furnace pot holding capacity - approx....

  • Lucifer Mdl 44-018A Electric Furnace #2672

    No price - Houston, TX, USA
    • Manufacturer: LUCIFER

    lucifer model 44-018a electric furnace kw: 16 | voltage: 460/3/60 | chamber size: 18" h x 18" w x 18" l | maximum temperature: 1400 degrees farh.


    No price - North Branford, CT, USA Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: RAM

    machine# 13085 manufacturer - ajax electric furnace corp. type - 129 double ram tilt induction furnace melting furnace furnace capacity - 3000 lbs./hr. furnace pot holding capacity - approx. 6000-...

  • Kiln Rotary 6" Tube Furnace 1050C Screw Feed R&D Calcination Sintering - RENX

    $80,000 - Ventura, CA, USA Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: RENX International

    kiln rotary 6 tube furnace 1050c screw feed r&d calcination sintering - renx . this is new and still in crate and was purchased for pilot production runs. orig ap: sintering calcination carbon powd...

  • 1990 Siliconit manual 4-zone furnace w/oil quench 850°C #1351

    $4,500 - New York, NY, USA
    • Manufacturer: Siliconit

    asset description notes: siliconit 4-zone furnace 850°c max working temp manual electric furnace heat treating line with controlled ni or ar atmosphere and oil quench tank. max temp 950°c max part...

  • Thermolyne Electric Oven, Model 3F 1856-1, 11 x 12 x 22 Deep, 480V, 1600 F

    $1,090 - Watertown, CT, USA

      item specs: thermolyne model 3f 1856-1 operating space: 11"l x 12"h x 22" deep 480 v 1600°f operating temperature 460v , 17amp  electric power

    • KH Huppert ST Style 11ACB

      $570 - Morrisville, PA, USA
      • Manufacturer: KH Huppert

      k.h. huppert electric furnace type st style 11acb 650 degree 6"d x 8"w x 12"h inner dimensions terms and conditions: this item is being sold “as is, where is”. no returns or exchanges. the buyer...