• Caron 6010 Environmental Test Chamber and CRS-101 Condensate

        shelves: type 304 stainless steel, 22.5? w x 25.4 ” d | division: test/measurement | dimensions: 36.5? h x 44.2? w x 32.6? d; 495%c2%a0lbs | dimensions 2: 29? h x 17? w x 28 ” d; 85 lbs | condition info: refurbi...

        Frederick, MD, USA
      • Caron 6030 Environmental Test Chamber with Honeywell Chart Recorder

            the caron 6030 environmental test chamber with honeywell chart recorder features humidification and refrigeration capabilities to create repeatable environmental conditions for numerous applications.temperature r...

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            East Lyme, CT, USA
          • Envirotronics EnviroFLX900 Environmental Test Chamber

            • Manufacturer: Envirotronics

              -40 to 177ºc temperature range, 3.5 hp compressor, features nav+ touch screen controller, 38x38x38in. chamber dimensions, 480v, 60hz, 3ph.

              Mountain View, CA, USA
            • Environmental Specialties ES2000 CDM Environmental Test Chamber

              • Manufacturer: Environmental Specialties

                33.8 cu.ft. interior volume, 2 to 70ºc temperature range, 10-96% rh, 34x28x60in. interior dimensions, 41x35x92in. exterior dimensions, 208-230v, 60hz, 17a.

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                Mountain View, CA, USA
              • Forma 3851 CO2 Environmental Test Chamber

                • Manufacturer: Forma

                  29 cu.ft. chamber capacity, 0-60ºc temperature range, ±0.3ºc temperature uniformity at 37ºc, humidity control, 208-220v, 60hz, 14.0a, 1ph.

                  Mountain View, CA, USA
                • Tenney / LunAire Benchmaster Environmental Test Chamber (BTS)

                  • Manufacturer: Tenney

                    with watlow 942 temperature controller, provides 24-step programming, or may be used as a non-ramping manual controller, -34°c to 200°c temperature range, 230v, 60hz, 20a.

                    Mountain View, CA, USA
                  • Espec ESX-2CA Environmental Test Chamber

                    • Manufacturer: Espec

                      8 cu.ft. interior volume, -70 to +180ºc temperature range, 19x23x29in. interior dimensions, 37x48x76in. exterior dimensions, 208/230v, 50/60hz, 3ph, 37a.

                      Mountain View, CA, USA
                    • Tenney / LunAire TUJR Environmental Test Chamber

                      • Manufacturer: Tenney

                        1.2 cubic foot environmental chamber, -70°c to 170°c, 64x34x28in. exterior dimensions, 16x11x12in. chamber dimensions, comes with chart recorder, 115v, 18a.

                        Mountain View, CA, USA
                      • Thermo Electron 3920 Environmental Chamber

                        • Manufacturer: Thermo

                          the thermo electron 3920 environmental chamber is built to last and will meet your needs now and in the future. these high precision cabinets meet ich, fda, tappi, astm, and other national testing standards.  the...

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                          East Lyme, CT, USA

                              8 cu. ft. environmental chamber test refrigerator bemco serial no. 3686-4, model f-45/200-8, 3/88 24″ cubed interior, o/a 37″ x 49″ x 73″ on wheels stainless steel interior wide range mechanical test refrigerator...

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                              Rehoboth, MA, USA