• Drytek DRIE-100 Cassette Planar Plasma Wafer Etcher System

    • Manufacturer: Drytek

      drytek drie-100 cassette planar plasma wafer etcher system uses chlorine- and fluorine-based chemistries for etching various si, polysilicon, nitride, tungsten, tungsten silicide films.+ low energy etching for mi...

      Ventura, CA, USA
    • FSI Single Station Vapor Phase Wafer Etcher Cleaner Excalibur

      • Manufacturer: FSI

        this fsi excalibur single station vapor phase wafer etcher cleaner is an older model that came from and r&d facility in california. spare parts for these fsi excalibur wafer etchers are hard to find and are many...

        Ventura, CA, USA
      • Tegal Corp Inline Automatic Wafer RF Plasma Etcher Untested As Is 803

        • Manufacturer: Tegal

          tegal corporation 803 inline inline automatic wafter rf plasma etcher untested as is many useful parts cover removed in photos to show component views. this tool is heavy, nearly 400 pounds, and will require frei...

          Ventura, CA, USA
        • Xactix X2C 61744

          • Manufacturer: Xactix

            xenon difluoride etching system. isotropic etching of silicon using xenon difluoride is an ideal solution for releasing mems devices. xef2 shows nearly infinite selectivity to silicon over almost all standard sem...

            Freehold Township, NJ, USA
          • SEZ Semiconductor Equipment MCM 203 61603

            • Manufacturer: SEZ Semiconductor Equipment

              single wafer wet chemical spin processor. single wafer spin processor for yield improvement in wafer surface preparation. manual loading and unloading of wafers, does not have cassette option. used in semiconduct...

              Freehold Township, NJ, USA
            • PlasmaQuest Microwave-ECR Plasma etch system

              • Manufacturer: PlasmaQuest

                plasmaquest high density plasma etch tool equipped with 6-inch load lock. unique combo of permanent magnet and electromagnets for ecr (electron cyclotron resonance) ecr-enhancment of microwave plasma. ecr operati...

                No price
                Leominster, MA, USA
              • March Instruments PX ATM plasma system for 1/4" ID quartz tubing. 115 volts.

                • Manufacturer: ATM

                  march instruments px atm plasma system for 1/4" id quartz tubing. 115 volts.

                  Salem, MA, USA
                • Xinix 1011B end point detector, controller only

                      xinix 1011b end point detector, controller only

                      Salem, MA, USA
                    • Xinix 1014 enpoint controller and 1104 monochrometer

                          xinix 1014 enpoint controller and 1104 monochrometer

                          Salem, MA, USA
                        • Semitool STI 260C  rinser dryer, now with 3" rotor, w/o controller

                              semitool sti 260c  rinser dryer, now with 3" rotor, w/o controller

                              Salem, MA, USA