• Fat fryer, Fat fryer, Jufeba

    $657 - Schieder-Schwalenberg, Germany

      fat fryer, jufeba including two grid and a lid inside dimensions, width 0.53 m, depth 0.33 m height 0.23 m 380 volt with spigot and a drainer

    • Fat fryer MKN

      $505 - Saldenburg, Germany

        mkn fat fryer 2x with accessory baskets drip tested bakery state

      • Roka plant fat fryer

        $1,112 - Düren, Germany

          roka works fat fryer the fat fryer is in good condition was reviewed and made clean dielen by 10 used functionally please carefully check for other errors and damages are not specified are not liab...

        • 2005 Jufeba fat fryer

          $4,368 - Kirchheim unter Teck, Germany
          • Manufacturer: JUFEBA

          fat fryer jufeba for 40 berlin with sugar trough - have been very seldom in use - condition: very good - year: around 2005 an inspection is gladly possible after arrangement. further information ...

        • Habersang fat fryer

          $896 - Rommerskirchen, Germany Recently Added

            used fat fryer with turning device of habersang with fermentation chamber and 9 wendetrögel 380 volt lid and drip tray

          • Fat fryer 48er Esback

            $1,112 - Düren, Germany

              esback fat fryer for about 48 berlin included are 1 contact basket , 1 drip tray , cover and another accessories 400 v

            • Berlin - fat fryer EsBack 36er

              $3,033 - Hagenbach, Germany

                berliner device esback overhauled 36 pieces 2700 .- with proofer more fat fryers in stock! for 48 pcs . and for 20 pcs . (tabletop model )

              • Pelion Fat fryer 42014

                No price - Heinsberg, Germany
                • Manufacturer: Pelion

                selling a used fat fryer of pelion this fat fryer and the spiral were pre-cleaned. since it is a desktop unit, it is very convenient as for moving / rolling snack. it has to carry two handles on...

              • Fat fryer, Fat fryer, grease pan

                $1,112 - Schieder-Schwalenberg, Germany

                  fat fryer, grease pan mobile, 380 volt, with proofer setting trolley with 10 stainless steel supports manual automatic reversal two turning grille, drip catcher cover and 1 grid for apple berlin u....

                • Fat fryer, Fat fryer, grease pan, Siedegerät

                  $1,595 - Schieder-Schwalenberg, Germany

                    fat fryer , grease pan , siedegerät jufeba drip pan with proofer 380 volt , mobile, with turning device 3 turning grid 2 grid for apple berlin etc 1 spray griddle , komlett stainless steel cover , ...