• 2007 Autosampler -- AVS Pro II

    No price - Hopewell, VA, USA

      schott instruments -- avs pro ii the autosampler avs pro ii is a fully automatic measuring station for determining the viscosity of newtonian liquids using capillary viscometers. despite its high s...

    • 1999 Hydro-Chem 450 Nm3/Hr Hydrogen Plant

      No price - Buffalo, NY, USA Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Major

      this hydrogen plant utilizes low pressure steam methane reforming to convert natural gas and steam feedstock into high purity hydrogen. process and utility connection to the plant are designed such...

    • 2006 General Air Products ACCT020-S General Products Model Chiller ( 2 Ton)

      No price - Durham, NC, USA
      • Manufacturer: General Air Products

      general products model acct020-s chiller- voltage 460/3/60, capacity - 2tons, exiting water temperature 59-68f, flow 15gpm, wetted surface - di compatible, age 2006 details at dupont-

    • 5150 5150 Fisher Scientific -80 Freezer

      No price - Wilmington, DE, USA
      • Manufacturer: Fisher Scientific

      fisher scientific freezer (2.5' x 2.5' x 3'h) s/n: 300004269 model#: 5150 *this unit is in working condition and operates at -80 *compact design. used for storage of microbial cultures. here’s the ...

    • Alloy Products Corp . Anaerobic Culture Vessels

      No price - Wilmington, DE, USA
      • Manufacturer: Alloy Products

      alloy products corp. anaerobic culture vessels - 6 vessels available - 120 psi mawp, 100 f - type: 316 ss - s/n: c201807-1 (001 through 006) - volume is ~8 liters - 3 carrying cases for these vesse...

    • Centex - Trexel SCF Gas Assist System

      No price - Wilmington, DE, USA
        • Number of Units: 1

        centex - trexel gas assist system trexel inc. scf system - mucell technology the mucell technology is first generation technology - a compressor and gas injection system designed for both co 2 and ...

      • Liquid Nitrogen Dewars - Cold Storage ( 35L )

        No price - Wilmington, DE, USA

          liquid nitrogen dewars - cold storage - good condition - old version (see attached pics for details)

        • Cynosure Dye Laser Model LFDL - 3

          No price - Wilmington, DE, USA
          • Manufacturer: CYNOSURE

          cynosure dye laser model lfdl-3 with temperature controller *temperature controller - lake shore cryonics model 330

        • PML-H/V PML-H/V Drais Mannheim Mill Model

          No price - Mount Holly, NJ, USA
          • Manufacturer: PML-H/V

          drais mannheim mill model pml-h/v, s/n: 55888, max speed of pinned disc agitator 2750rpm, mfr: 1997, 23v, 60hz, 3 boxes of misc. accessories/gauges/flanges/meters

        • Waters 1525 Binary HPLC Pump

          No price - Mount Holly, NJ, USA
          • Manufacturer: Waters

          waters 1525 micro binary hplc pump, meets low flow applcations needs, minimizes pump volume and allow for increased sample throughput. programmavle up to 5.00 ml/min. . max operating pressures 6000...