• Metal-Fach feed distributors

    No price - Bolshaya Trosna, Russia
    • Manufacturer: Metal-fach

    descriptionthe distributors of feeds of the following models are presented in the product range metal-fach: kt-10 uniaxial model - it is intended for transportation and distribution of shredded she...

  • CLAAS RANGER 960 Cattle feed distributors

    No price - Emilia-Romagna, Italy
    • Manufacturer: CLAAS
    • Model: RANGER 960

    pallet forks - cereal bucket - tires 40% hours: 7460 | vehicle status: good

  • Mixers-Feed Dispensers

    No price - Bolshaya Trosna, Russia
    • Manufacturer: Metal-fach

    description these devices are characterized by a robust design and, in addition, they are easy to use. in their production, a number of solutions were used to improve efficiency. for example, in th...

  • Feed dispensers, twin-screw OptiFEED DUO

    No price - Bolshaya Trosna, Russia
    • Manufacturer: Samasz

    description the optifeed duo 2-screw mixer-feed mixer series is designed for large farms. machines are characterized by high productivity, thanks to large volumes and the use of 2 vertical augers. ...

  • 2005 Schouten VDW 1150 A

    $5,725 - Stiens, Netherlands Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Schouten

    neat feed truck, well rotatable dealer: ob17f-0064 | zip code: 9051

  • Vijzelbakje

    $2,222 - Stiens, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: PM

    enter container / mortar bowl with double auger. left and right discharging. euro coupling members. hydro motors with new gasket sets. neat malfunctioning machine. jacks in good condition.

  • 2014 Schuitemaker Amigo 40 S Doseerwagen / blokkenwagen

    No price - Gorredijk, Netherlands Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Schuitemaker

    2 dosseer rollers, tailgate, very clean carriage, weighing device

  • Wifo Voerdoseerbak

    $2,357 - Stiens, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: Wifo

    hydraulically driven feed box, 3-point and double jacks.

  • 2005 Schuitemaker Feedo 80 - 13

    $10,105 - Stiens, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: Schuitemaker

    double jacket, loose with crossband, support leg, neat carriage, well rotatable

  • Schouten Voederdoseerwagen

    $10,441 - Surhuisterveen, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: Schouten

    rear solution, neat, well rotatable type: trailed | stand: stand | dealer: ob16f-0105 | zip code: 9231 | weighing system: weighing system | discharge to both sides: discharge to both sides