• Bucher Granite 2800S Transporter

    • Manufacturer: Bucher

      incl. aebi charger ld 26, top condition, loading wagon only used for fertilizer feed production incl. mistzetter saco side spreader 1,8m3 in good condition for questions tour and test drive possible

      Doppleschwand, Switzerland
    • 2013 BVL Plus 10 LS-H Feed Mixer V-Mix

      • Manufacturer: BVL

        ptm hl50, din-rail, top or bottom hitch, brake axle, cross conveyor belt, electromagnetic comfort control, integrated camera system

        Seelandtechnik AG, Switzerland
      • 1997 Aebi LD 31 L Lang, 19m3

        • Manufacturer: Aebi

          mechanically cpl. revised in top condition, all reinforcements and conversions have been made 7 knives incl., hinge shaft, pair of feed lugs for short grass suitable for aebi with long wheelbase

          Flums, Switzerland
        • Rapid MT250

          • Manufacturer: Rapid

            occ. rapid mt 250 iseki engine 27ps additional hydraulic oil cooler front and rear peg shaft hoist cat.i double tire back busatism mower 2.3m, hydr. drive with feed disc and swath former bandeing with beams last ...

            Hämikon, Switzerland
          • 2013 MAN 15.290 AK - 5 Horse transporter Made in Germany

            • Manufacturer: MAN
            • Mileage: 11,750 km

            ak 5-horse transporter on chassis man tgm 15.290 100km / h approval 3 registered seats in the meantime, the vehicle has covered 11.750 km through various events / trade fairs outside amenities • tank 390l • fog l...

            Landsberg, Germany
          • 1993 Aebi LD 31

            • Manufacturer: Aebi

              feed knobs, 3 knives, adapted to aebi with long wheelbase, revised

              Sarnen, Switzerland
            • 2001 LINCK Profiling

              • Manufacturer: Linck

                profiling linck used machine roll forming line linck year 2001 with cutting wood sorts capacity: up to 600,000 fm wood per year in 2-shift operation trunk diameter: 10-50 cm, wood length 2-6.5 m feed speed: 53-13...

                No price
              • 1996 Kirchner T2035A

                • Manufacturer: Kirchner

                  hydraulic feed aufbaumistreuer suitable for aebi transporter with long wheelbase, with 4 standing rollers, hydr. scraper floor drive, with wooden attachment walls, support feet, without hinge shaft, as is

                  Westendorf, Germany
                • High frequency gluing press

                      high frequency gluing press this press was used for production of multi-layer parquet. cpgpss3y playwood boards for gluing are loaded on feeding transporter. feeding transporter feeds them to the glue spreader. t...

                      No price
                    • 1999 Scharpf&Kogel SK 30-520 Vollautomat

                      • Manufacturer: Kögel

                        second hand semiautomatic finger jointing production line. vertical and horizontal join-ting is possible. line consists of following machines: double side tenoning machine, type frk-200/520/1200. every tenoning m...