• Wil-Rich 30' 52-shank field cultivator

    • Manufacturer: Wil-Rich

      wil-rich 13fcw 30' field cultivator (52 shanks), knock-on shovels, walking tandems on main frame, singles on wing frames, 4-bar wil-rich harrow (harrow needs some work). all shanks are good and tight. size of cul...

      Vermillion, MN, USA
    • 2017 Land Pride SP3072 Field cultivators

      • Manufacturer: Land Pride

        landpride sp3072 soil pulverizer dual roller,wide shank,orange the sp30 series soil pulverizers loosen, pulverize, and level packed or encrusted soils in preparation for seeding or laying of new sod. land pride s...

        No price
        Cherry Valley, IL, USA
      • Wil-Rich 13FCW 29'9" field cultivator

        • Manufacturer: Wil-Rich

          used wil-rich 13fcw 29'9" field cultivator, 51 spring cushion shanks, walking tandem axle on main frame, single wheels/tires on wing frames, midwest brand three-bar harrow, good shovels, shanks all tight, good or...

          Vermillion, MN, USA
        • DRP 300 field roller WY11320

              , number of rows:2 dealer stock id: 20843-31299

              Pragsdorf, Germany
            • 2015 Sonstige field roller NR11320

                  dealer stock id: 20843-56375910249

                  Pragsdorf, Germany
                • 2014 RAMBO 900H field roller DP12118

                      , coupling system:1, staff rolls, stone protection, rear attachment

                      Pragsdorf, Germany
                    • 2010 Pressroller 150 field roller TZ11418

                          , front attachment, solid wheel dealer stock id: 20843-63024210254

                          Pragsdorf, Germany
                        • 2009 Köckerling CWA 500 field roller EU11340

                          • Manufacturer: Köckerling

                            dealer stock id: 20843-62789510249

                            Pragsdorf, Germany
                          • 1993 EP 900/6 field roller FZ11320

                            • Manufacturer: EP

                              dealer stock id: 20843-30595

                              Pragsdorf, Germany
                            • 1992 WP-900-14 field roller AZ11320

                                  dealer stock id: 20843-30600

                                  Pragsdorf, Germany