• Unused- Serac Model 2229 P1 NW DIGI Semi Auto Weigh Scale Filling Machine

    No price - Bensenville, IL, USA
    • Manufacturer: Serac

    71575002 unused- serac model 2229 p1 nw digi semi auto weigh scale filling machine. machine is capable of filling up to 500 containers per hour (depending on application). designed for large volume...

  • Used- Biotool Swiss "PetriSwiss" Petri Dish Filling System, Model PS900

    No price - Bensenville, IL, USA
    • Manufacturer: Biotool Swiss

    71486001 used- biotool swiss "petriswiss" petri dish filling system, model ps900. 89-96 mm dish diameter, 14-20.5 mm dish height. dish store 400, dosing quantity 1.0 - 99.9 ml. 1% dosing accuracy, ...

  • Kompelt filling line with bottle travels, 2 head filling, capsule screwdriver, label maker

    $21,765 - Hobro, Denmark
    • Manufacturer: SMB

    complete filling line with sejersen bottle travel, hansen fred farm 2 head fills, zalkin capsule screw eme label maker. volume: minimum: approximately 100ml. maximum: 1000ml.

  • Krones 28 Valve Beer Bottling/Packaging Line for 12oz. & 22 oz.

    No price - Hickory, NC, USA
    • Manufacturer: Krones

    complete bottling and packaging line still in production till june/july 2015, currently running 12oz. and 22oz. glass beer bottles with excellent tpo, speeds up to 150 bottles/minute, inspections a...

  • Viberator rendering Beusichem, type MVESP

    $2,539 - Hobro, Denmark

      beusichem viberator trench. type: mvesp. year: 2004. length: 215cm. width: 40cm. access: 95cm. departure: 85cm. valley.


      $54,412 - Hobro, Denmark
      • Manufacturer: SMB Technik

      complete filling line for beer. complete line with depalletising / lift, label maker, cleans / filler / capper. kettner depalletising, kettner bottle lift. eurokett system 612 labelling machine wit...

    • Stainless viberator solar Ø1mm / bredde1½mm

      $3,627 - Hobro, Denmark

        stainless viberator. length: 190cm. width: 48cm. access: 147cm. departure: 115cm. sold: ø 1mm. sold: width: 1½mm. lf.

      • BEIL BHV 160 / 400S homogeniser

        $39,902 - Hobro, Denmark
        • Manufacturer: BEIL

        beil homogenizer. type: bhv 160 / 400s. total goals: length: 260cm. width: 180cm. height: 225cm. rgp.

      • 300 liter mixer with 2 pcs. snails

        $10,882 - Hobro, Denmark Recently Added

          stainless steel 300 liter mixer with 2 pcs. snails. ø snail: 300mm. per. pcs. trommel objectives: ø: 64cm. length: 104,5cm. total goals: length: 228cm. width: 95cm. height: 110cm. sir.

        • 1999 Tradimex Equipment & Supply / Huiyang Machinery Factory ZJT-1500

          No price - Midwest, USA
          • Manufacturer: Tradimex Equipment & Supply / Huiyang Machinery Factory

          tes zjt-1500 automatic capsule filling machine capsule change parts: comes with size 00 capsule production speed: 96,000 capsules per hour fill station: dosing disc tamping pin powder filler elec...