• 2013 TZB-1S TZB-1S Closing one head glass

    $6,687 - Nowy Sacz, Poland
    • Manufacturer: TZB-1S

    closing ist fuer schrauben glasflaschen mit aluminium-schraubverschluss haelt die kunststoffdichtung abmessungen - tiefe: 800 mm - breite: 1000 mm - hoehe: mm dimension muttern: 28x15 mm leistungsb...

  • Bosch Vials filling line

    No price - Germany
    • Manufacturer: Bosch

    vials filling line bosch consists of: washing machine bosch rru2020 year of manufacture: 1989 sterilization tunnel bosch rru2020 year of manufacture: 1989 filling machine bosch akl 2230 year of...

  • 2006 Insinööritoimisto Jyrki Liquid Filling Machine equipment

    No price - Luumäki, Finland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Insinööritoimisto Jyrki

    filling equipment insinööritoimisto jyrki liquid filling machine used machine drum and container filling line, semiautomatic the line is designed for filling both 1000 liter ibc’s and normal 209 li...

  • Bosch Filling line Bosch for syringes

    No price - Wehr, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Bosch

    filling line bosch for syringes consists of: device for the unloading of empty syringe bosch gua a02 year of manufacture:1979 output: 70 syr/min washing machine bosch rnr g02 year of manufacture...

  • 160054 Bosch FKR/VRM Shampoo filling line

    No price - Middelburg, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: Bosch

    this machine includes:-150049 bcm model 1250-007 bottle unscrambler, yom 1991 including bottle placement in pucks. size range a: 37,5–80 mm,b:59–80 mm,c:160–265 mm. siemens controls.-150050 bosch m...

  • 2010 Bausch+Stroebel Filling line for syringe

    No price - Wehr, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Bausch+Stroebel

    filling line for syringers ouptput of the complete line is max. 300 syringes per min. consists of: device for unloading of empty syringers bausch & stroebel sam8061 year: 2003; cip - automatical wa...

  • 2000 BBK GmbH/ Rosemann GmbH Rapid Bottles- Filling line

    No price - Dresden, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Rapid

    bottles- filling line bbk gmbh/ rosemann gmbh rapid used machine complete bottling line for bottles filling for liquids products such as water, juice, wine, spirits, pressed plant juice, pharmaceut...


    No price - Wehr, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Bosch

    second-hand filling and closing machine for bosch mrd 3020 the machine can fully automatic fill and close cylindrical ampules, vials, syrtinges, etc. currently adjusted for syringes year 1989 max. ...

  • 1994 Sarcmi (SIG Simonazzi) New Canfill N60 - 8R 4152016

    No price - Helsinki, Finland
    • Manufacturer: SIG

    automatic can filler seamer block sarcmi new canfill n60 - 8r this unit is still in operation but avilable for immediate dismantling. can be sold as is condition or totally refurbished.

  • 1996 Sasib Beverages - Sarcmi Italy New Canfill N50 - AGM 6RN 4422017

    No price - Helsinki, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Siemens

    aluminum can filler seamer sarcmi new canfill n50-6rn, 36.000 cph this can filler was made by sasib beverages in 1999. it is suitable for filling beer and csd in 0.33 and 0.5 liter aluminum cans wi...