• Filterplants Filter cellar for ~ 75

    No price - Geroda, Germany

      filter cellar for ~ 75 hl/h, consisting of: sheetfilter, make seitz orion, type: 60a100, rack in s/s, with spindle pressing, outside lying raising pipes, with 2 sight glass armatures with manometer...

    • Filterplants Filtercellar for 120 hl for

      No price - Geroda, Germany

        filtercellar for 120 hl for sale, with: kieselguhrfilter, make schenk, type: zhf s 25, with 25,6m² filterarea, for 120 hl/h, with electrical drive, built 1980 kieselguhr dosage, make schenk, type: ...

      • Filterplants Beer separator, make Gea /

        No price - Geroda, Germany
        • Manufacturer: GEA

        beer separator, make gea / westfalia, type sa64-47-076, ~ 110-200 hl/h, hermetical, self-cleaning, with motor 22 kw, gaskets and brakes new, with flow meter, ground frame, tool, without pump, overh...

      • Filterplants Kieselguhrfilter, make Pall, type: Ecoflux

        No price - Geroda, Germany
        • Manufacturer: Pall

        kieselguhrfilter, make pall, type: ecoflux smartline sl2, for 12-16 hl/h, with 12 candle modules 30″, complete in stainless steel with dosage tub with 2-stage agitator, dosage pump, flow meter, bee...

      • Filterplants Sealing rings for SEN-Seitz -Orion

        No price - Geroda, Germany Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: Seitz

        sealing rings for sen-seitz -orion + schenk + filtrox-filter, in heat-resistant silicone caoutchouc, german production. favourable prices. please request for more information.

      • Filterplants Candle filter, make Sartorius, 80

        No price - Geroda, Germany
        • Manufacturer: Sartorius

        candle filter, make sartorius, 80 hl/h, for 9 candles, with back rinsing filter with 5 candles, built 1992, ex location for 3.800 € for sale

      • Filterplants Sheetfilter, make Filtrox, type: Novox

        No price - Geroda, Germany

          sheetfilter, make filtrox, type: novox 80 x 100, max. 6 bar, with 38 sheet parts (stainless steel with plastic inserts), 2 manometer with sight glasses, raising pipes, with replacement parts like s...

        • Filterplants Waterfilter, make Ultrafilter, type: PF-EG

          No price - Geroda, Germany

            waterfilter, make ultrafilter, type: pf-eg 1920, filter element: p-pp 30/30-10, in stainless steel, content: 115 lt, allowed working over pressure: 10 bar, working temperature: 200°c, built 1992, f...

          • Filterplants Filtration for 100 hl/h ex

            No price - Geroda, Germany

              filtration for 100 hl/h ex location for sale for 21.000 €, with: kieselguhrfilter, make schenk, 60 x 60, complete in s/s, with pressing through spindle and hand hydraulic, with inside lying raising...