• 2000 SMB FLP 20 - 250

    No price - Germany
    • Manufacturer: SMB

    complete system with planer urd2zwtf0 the advertisement was translated automatically and some translation errors may have occurred.

  • 2016 Fingerjointing Machine Romania

    $4,076 - Suseni, Romania

      buy press for wood. working capacity: length 6000mm, inaltime1500mm thickness 200mm - translated with google

    • 2005 TORNADO TM 105 Fingerjointing Machine

      $4,290 - Baia Mare, Romania
      • Manufacturer: TORNADO

      router for fingerjointing division: woodworking machinery | condition info: used

    • 2005 LISY DVORAK LNV6000 Fingerjointing Machine

      $5,363 - Baia Mare, Romania
      • Manufacturer: LISY DVORAK

      press finger jointing press lnv is determined for connecting wooden lenght cuts, where is microcog molded on both the sides. working cycle, including saw cutting is controlled by plc unit. moving w...

    • 2009 Linares Fingerjointing Machine Poland

      $83,655 - Krasocin, Poland
      • Manufacturer: Linares

      a line connecting the slats linares business model tornado 900 f fh consisting of: 1. automatic device for joining the strip length in the horizontal system model tornado fh 900 2. automatic relay ...


      $16,900 - United States
      • Manufacturer: BACCI

      bacci ttf1 t2m cabinet miter door machine. cutting boring and moulding machine, designed for 45ã‚â° miter frame door production, with each cycle the parts are trimmed drilled and finger jointed; si...

    • KEILZINKANLAGE inger jointing line

      No price - Vienna, Austria
      • Manufacturer: Dimter

      fingerjointing machine: manufacturer:dimter / fill top condition last standart !! high capacity , speedy line !!! new spareparts with !!! (€ 30.000,-) infeed table; vacuum- feeder; location singlin...

    • 2000 cook bolinders fingerjointing

      No price - Baden-Württemberg, Germany
      • Manufacturer: cook bolinders

      m0ymdipj-compact jointing line -power 4-5 joints / min -wood cross-sections up to 200cm2 -pressing force to 254 kn -wood width 75-250 mm -wood thickness 20-110 mm -wood input 600-6000 mm -formzinc ...

    • 2008 OMGA FJL 183 CE

      No price - Düsseldorf, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Omga

      omga finger joint system model fjl 183 ce bm7xqofi package system dezincification of horizontal and vertical stockists 2 milling stations workpiece width of 150 mm workpiece thickness of 80 mm inpu...