• Fish oil plant

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      condition: good, working man year: 1980-2009 capacity: 1000 kg per hour (raw material) raw material: whole fish or fish offal (bones, fish liver, guts) ready product: fish meal, high quality fish o...

    • 1970 Alfa Laval FPNX 309S - Fish oil Decanter

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      • Manufacturer: Alfa-Laval

      man. year: 1970's condition: perfect capacity: 1000 kg/h power: 15 kw voltage: 380 v/50 hz drum diameter: 230 mm max. sludge density: 2 kg/dm3 max drum speed: 5600 r/pm print out

    • 2009 Schmidt-Bretten Sigma Hydrolysed fish protein evaporatorRelated goods

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      • Manufacturer: Schmidt

      man. year: 2009 condition: good, working producer: api schmidt-bretten gmbh (germany) model: sigmastar to be used for concentrating of fish peptone solutions (hydrolysed fish protein) by evaporatio...

    • 1998 Pieralisi decanter - JUMBO 4 Including steering panel

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      • Manufacturer: Jumbo

      man. year: 1998, 2012(overhauled) condition: excellent sludge dewatering decanter, with automatic back drive system including steering panel capacity: approx. 670 kg dry solids/hour power: 45 kw, 5...