• Dryer, Flash, S/st, Barr-rosin, 4,410lb/hr Feed, Ring-Type

    No price - Brisbane, CA Recently Added

      barr-rosin stainless steel "ring-type" flash dryer, 4,410 lbs/hr feed rate @ 8% moisture, 4065 lbs/hr finished product, inlet temperature 650 deg. f, outlet temperature 450 deg. f. dryer include...

    • SCOTT AST 1610

      No price - Melbourne, Australia
      • Manufacturer: SCOTT

      the scott equipment air swept tubular dryer (ast) is a pneumatic drying system designed for rugged duty and versatility in many industries. the drying technology, utilizes adjustable paddles and ai...


      No price - India

        used ring flash dryer line. 2000 kg/hour feed rated, 1500 kg/hour evaporation. solid percentage infeed 20-25; ambient input/output temperature. mild steel contact and non-contact parts. heating med...

      • Dryer, Flash, S/st, Buzzi, 750,000 BTU, Gas,

        No price - Newman, CA Recently Added

          flash drying system, manufactured by buzzi in italy, dried the centrifuge cake from the toniatti centrifuges. cake was conveyed to a feed hopper which agitated the cake and fitted into a stainle...

        • Buzzi not applicable 11732

          No price - Red Bank, NJ Recently Added
          • Manufacturer: Buzzi

          used buzzi 750,000btu flash drying system. cake was conveyed to a feed hopper which agitated the cake and fitted into a stainless steel blower. the air through the blower was heated by a small 3' x...

        • Used- Custom Built by Mason Spray Dryer Body Only, 316 Stainless Steel

          No price - Bensenville, IL
          • Manufacturer: ADM

          42425018 used- custom built by mason spray dryer body only, 316 stainless steel. 113" diameter x 314" straight side x 103" long cone bottom. approximately 1000 pounds an hour flash steam at 20 psi....

        • Used- Raymond Cage Mill Flash Drying System. System consists of: (1) Raymond #325 quick opening type cage mill, 304 stainless steel

          No price - Bensenville, IL
          • Manufacturer: Raymond

          84561 used- raymond cage mill flash drying system. system consists of: (1) raymond #325 quick opening type cage mill, 304 stainless steel. (1) raymond double paddle mixer, 304 stainless steel. (1) ...


          No price - Brantford, Canada
          • Manufacturer: Venjakob

          2001 venjakobjet dryer + flash off dryer and uv lights 600v, 60cy, 3ph venjakob "flash-off tunnel" drying tunnel, and "uv-lamp curing oven" pos#1-venjakob crossbar conveyor "type 100" -robust bolte...

        • 2001 VENJAKOB HGS DUO/C Lacquering system

          No price - Opalenica, Poland Recently Added
          • Manufacturer: Venjakob

          year of manufacture: 2001 workpieces: panels opening width: 1300 mm dust extraction: yes spraying units: 1 uv-dryer: 3 infrared dryer: yes hot-air drying: nozzle dryer passage height max: 70mm work...

        • 2005 KHS 50 000 bph with BWM 1882013

          No price - Helsinki, Finland Recently Added
          • Manufacturer: KHS

          khs glass bottle filling line 50 000 bph year 2005 for new and returnable bottles main characteristics -          capacity 50 000 bph at 0.5 liter bottles -           made by khs in year 2005, in o...