• AGILENT 86141B 600 to 1700nm Flexible Performance Optical Spectrum Analyzer

    $34,725 - Hamilton Township, NJ
    • Manufacturer: Agilent

    the agilent 86141b is a grating-based flexible performance optical spectrum analyzer that displays the amplitude of light versus wavelength over a 600 to 1700 nm wavelength range. the osa uses a pa...

  • 1997 NORTE HS500 flexible manufacturing system

    No price - Baden-Württemberg, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Norte

    2 norte baz with 2 movable peiseler roundtables atu 400 both machines are chained to a pallet conveyor (7 pallets). travel x = 1640 mm, y = 640 mm, z = 640 mm, speed 15000 1 / min control siemens 8...

  • TSC MANUFACTURING Subsea | Maritime Equipment - Offshore Equipment

    No price - Houston, TX
    • Manufacturer: TSC Manufacturing

    secondary tensioning unit tsc secondary tensioning units (stu) are designed for individual rig types to ensure that the bop weight is not transferred to the conductor string. the tsc stu can be use...

  • LitePoint IQxstream Mobile Test

    $20,000 - United States

      litepoint iqxstream mobile test system litepoint iqxstream mobile test system with the following: firmware version: 1.25.0 os version: 11.5.8 hw module: vsa 1 vsa 2 vsg 1 vsg 2 licenses: expires 22...

    • MAKINO A55 A126 FMS 3x & 16 Paletten System Machining Center - Horizontal

      No price
      • Manufacturer: Makino
      • Control: Professional 3 (Fanuc 16)

      this flexible manufacturing system consists of thre makino a 55connected to a 16 pallet linear pool with 2 setup stations. the system still produces high quality parts. it is sold, as space is need...

    • Keysight-Agilent E5515C-002-003-E1962B-E1963A-E1968A

      No price - Lake Mary, FL
      • Manufacturer: Agilent

      keysight-agilent e5515c-002-003-e1962b-e1963a-e1968a details keysight-agilent e5515c-002-003-e1962b-e1963a-e1968aagilent-hp e5515c-002-003-e1962b-e1963a-e1968a series 10 wireless communication...

    • Keysight-Agilent E5515C-002-003-E1962B-E1968A-201

      No price - Lake Mary, FL
      • Manufacturer: Agilent

      keysight-agilent e5515c-002-003-e1962b-e1968a-201 details keysight-agilent e5515c-002-003-e1962b-e1968a-201 8960 series 10 wireless communications test set the industry standard for high-spe...

    • Keysight-Agilent E5515C-002-003-E1963A-403-E1963A-413-E1968A-410-E1987A-E 1991B

      No price - Lake Mary, FL
      • Manufacturer: Agilent

      keysight-agilent e5515c-002-003-e1963a-403-e1963a-413-e1968a-410-e1987a-e 1991b details keysight-agilent e5515c-002-003-e1963a-403-e1963a-413-e1968a-410-e1987a-e 1991b8960 series 10 wireless c...

    • wire rope hoists

      No price - Hvidovre, Denmark
      • Manufacturer: STAHL Crane Systems
      • Capacity: 500 to 100,000 kg

      max fodgaard a / s is the official agent in denmark for stahl crane systems stahl sh wire hoists capacity: 500 to 100,000 kg steering • electronic engine management, resulting in minimal wear, redu...

    • 1999 HONSBERG MACH 1 HSC 1113-6322

      No price - Staufenberg, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Siemens
      • Weight: 24 t

      cylinder head and block production line consisting of: 22 nos. horiz. twin-spindle machining centers honsberg lamb mach 1 hsc, yom 1999 and 12 felsomat automated part loading + unloading units th...