• FLIR T400

    No price - Lake Mary, FL, USA

      flir t400 details flir t400 rent flir t400 for $4,992 per month. the new flir t400 is the most affordable feature rich infrared camera available!  the t400 now has flir fusion!  flir's new fusion f...

    • FLIR T360

      No price - Lake Mary, FL, USA

        flir t360 details flir t360 p> flir t360/t400 small, compact and powerful infrared cameras the flir t360 and t400 are innovative, feature rich infrared cameras equipped with flir's thermal fusion t...

      • FLIR 570

        No price - Lake Mary, FL, USA

          flir 570 details flir 570 the flir 570 thermal infrared camera is a long wave, handheld, focal plane array camera that is capable of temperature measurement. these cameras are best suited for preve...

        • FLIR P660

          No price - Lake Mary, FL, USA

            flir p660 details flir p660 high end infrared camera for maintenance and inspection not for export. this preventative maintenance camera is ideal for professional thermography users. flir p660 dat...

          • FLIR b200

            No price - Lake Mary, FL, USA

              flir b200 details flir b200 flir b200 get outstanding infrared camera features at an affordable price when you need a professional level infrared camera at a truly affordable price, take a test dri...

            • FLIR GF320

              No price - Lake Mary, FL, USA

                flir gf320 details flir gf320 infrared camera for natural gas aplications, this infrared camera is designed to detect methane and volatile organic compound (voc) emissions. see data sheet for addit...

              • FLIR A40M

                No price - Lake Mary, FL, USA

                  flir a40m details flir a40m the thermovision a40m researcher infrared camera is an affordable, accurate, intelligent infrared imaging and temperature measurement camera for industrial process deve...

                • FLIR EX320

                  $3,096 - Lake Mary, FL, USA

                    flir ex320 details flir ex320 the thermacam ex320 has a true, built-in 320 x 240 pixel array, giving you four times the resolution of any ir camera in its size and price range, and making it the f...

                  • FLIR PM695

                    No price - Lake Mary, FL, USA

                      flir pm695 details flir pm695 thermacam pm695 ntsc version ir camera with a built-in 24° lens a side-mounted digital color camera and a removeable battery pack. flir pm695 datasheet & specifications

                    • FLIR SC4000

                      No price - Lake Mary, FL, USA

                        flir sc4000 details flir sc4000 high speed, science-grade infrared camera these high-speed, high-resolution science grade cameras provide gigabit ethernet, camera link and usb interfaces for maximu...