• Oliver 9130 12" End Matcher 26100N

    No price - Hughesville, PA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Oliver
    • Capacity: 1.6"-12"

    thru feed system accepts 40 mm bore cutterheads driven in-feed - 133" out-feed fall-off table clamping from top and side

  • Friulmac Randomat/E Feed-Through Random-Length End Matcher 26200N

    No price - Hughesville, PA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Friulmac

    end matching of cabinet rails has graduated to top-notch quality and profitability allows for continuous feeding of random length material and processing of any end profile with no tear-out extra s...

  • Friulmac Randomax Evo Random Length Defecting End Matcher 26300N

    No price - Hughesville, PA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Friulmac

    automatic end-trimming and profiling of random length components defects are marked with fluorescent crayon and work-piece is positioned onto in-feed belt transfer by the operator work-piece is the...

  • Cameron Automation Flooring Nester 104200N

    No price - Hughesville, PA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Cameron

    2012 challengers award winner! ideal for any medium to large flooring manufacturer, the cameron flooring nester can produce up to 60 lineal feet per minute this machine is designed to save labor an...

  • 2004 OSI End Matcher

    $115,000 - Fremont, WI, USA
    • Manufacturer: OSI

    this machine has been rebuilt.  can do engineered or solid flooring 1/2 inch or thicker.  best end matcher in world to make random length flooring.

  • Schoeder end match or trim Saw pk 5

    $17,900 - Gillett, WI, USA
    • Manufacturer: schoeder

    from award flooring was trimming be before the splitter saw

  • Friulmac Randomat/SQ Endmatcher 2615

    No price - Hughesville, PA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Friulmac

    length capacity 10" to 160" width capacity 2" to 10" thickness capacity .5" to 1.4" feed speed 4 to 30 m/min feed motor 15hp scoring motors 4hp with 30mm diameter shaft, 7600 rpm trim/hogging moto...

  • Friulmac Randomat E Random Length End Matcher 2620

    No price - Hughesville, PA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Friulmac

    end matcher for the continuous feeding of random length work pieces two 7-1/2 hp, 460v, 3ph profiling motors two 1-1/2 hp motors for infeed/outfeed conveyors sound/safety enclosure 2005 machine

  • Osi 5 station gradeing and nesting system

    $189,000 - Gillett, WI, USA
    • Manufacturer: Osi

    2010 osi system designed for grading and netting 700000 replacement like new made buy osi in quebec do about 5000 per station 5 stations 20 to 25000 per shift almost all the canada mills use thi...

  • Homag Cross cut saw

    $9,900 - Gillett, WI, USA
    • Manufacturer: Homag

    this is homag in line cross cut saw version cutting flooring to length be fine it goes threw the homag side matcher than fixed length homag end matched total line in stock for 599000. replacem...