• Hours: 5

      2015 hybrid hb1430 scissors lift key features: - working height up to 20 ft - weighs only 1650 lbs - weight allows machine to go on delicate flooring - lifts 670 lbs - slide-out deck extension, with slip-resistan...

      Menomonee Falls, WI, USA
    • Schoeder rotary feader

      • Manufacturer: Schoeder

        this wasn't for reading engeered flooring blanks to a schoeder to a s3 plainer befor a ok 5 trim saw before a s4 spilter saw for producting engeered flooring lamella's for engeered flooring very high quality hi...

        Gillett, WI, USA
      • Burkel and barbrana fill machine's

        • Manufacturer: Burkle Babaran dubois rigma

          reverse fill machine's excellent shape . barberan 34900

          Gillett, WI, USA
        • Time Savior Sanders

          • Manufacturer: Time savior

            2000 4head 2 drums 2 plantains 53"wide vacuum table was in award engeered flooring mill wausau wisc excellent shape vacuum table very very heavey sander excellent shape

            Gillett, WI, USA
          • Sanders

            • Manufacturer: Sa

              2head 1drum i platum vacuum table excellent shape ideal for a sanding sealer immediate u sander

              Gillett, WI, USA
            • Costa sander

              • Manufacturer: Costa

                4 head 53"wider sander replacement 400000.plus is part of the dubois backers creek engineered complete finishing line at 289000 ready to produce

                Gillett, WI, USA
              • Flooring MDC 101

                    flooring mdc 101 year of construction approx. 1994 5 flocks (1.2 x 1.6) back surface 10 sqm gas or oil burner manual control in bakery state or on request also overtaken in stock price on request with vat export ...

                    No price
                    Siemianowice Śląskie, Poland
                  • Osi 5 station gradeing and nesting system

                    • Manufacturer: Osi

                      2010 osi system designed for grading and netting 700000 replacement like new made buy osi in quebec do about 5000 per station 5 stations 20 to 25000 per shift almost all the canada mills use this system to gra...

                      Gillett, WI, USA
                    • Building's for lease and joint ventures

                      • Manufacturer: American

                        200000sq ft 180'widex500'=90000sq ft a interior wall at 175' and 350'so 32000sa ft than 80'+70'=150'wide or 150'x660'long=99000sq ft alot of flexibility and long open building's 15areas excellent skilled w...

                        No price
                        Gillett, WI, USA
                      • burkle pick and place

                        • Manufacturer: Bürkle

                          these 3 pick and place loaded and unloaded flooring in machining and finishing lines

                          Gillett, WI, USA