• 2015 Grooving parquet flooring machine

    $20,110 - Siemiatycze, Poland Recently Added

      grooving parquet flooring machine. cuts backside of the parquet elements every 50mm, 5 blades, max cutting width: 440mm, max lenght of element: no limited; plc steering, cutting possible in automac...


      $9,500 - United States
      • Manufacturer: Baker

      12' outfeed conveyor, belt drive.÷3 phase . ÷currently in production, we have another flooring machine, no longer need this have manuals. located 45 min west of ft. worth tx

    • 2004 Wire Brush Machine

      $19,900 - Gillett, WI
      • Manufacturer: Barban

      4headwirerbrush machine for flooring replacement cost: $40,000 | electricity/voltage: 480

    • Dubois 3head wire brush machines

      $19,900 - Gillett, WI Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Dubois

      3headdubois wirer brush machines was used on flooring 10long infead

    • Barberan burkle dubois fill machine

      $34,000 - Gillett, WI
      • Manufacturer: Bürkle

      reverse coater fill machine's

    • 1999 Plywood Ripping, Grooving & Crosscut Machine

      $39,000 - Gillett, WI
      • Manufacturer: japana kawika

      machine was used to rip, groove and crosscut plywood for engineered flooring $45000. - 24000.

    • Homge Side matcher

      $149,000 - Gillett, WI Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Homge

      homge 3opposing heads was producing click and t and g

    • Dunois denibor wirer brush machine's

      $19,900 - Gillett, WI
      • Manufacturer: Dubois

      very heavey 2head denibor wirer brush machines with vacuum table

    • Burkel 4 Coaters

      $1,999 - Gillett, WI
      • Manufacturer: Burkel

      these four roll coaters came from award flooring.  excellent condition. have 5 other coaters available barbaran and dubois

    • 2004 OSI End Matcher

      $115,000 - Fremont, WI
      • Manufacturer: OSI

      this machine has been rebuilt.  can do engineered or solid flooring 1/2 inch or thicker.  best end matcher in world to make random length flooring.