• FMB Band saw automatic

    $4,102 - Borrby, Sweden
    • Manufacturer: FMB

    240 avd

  • Saw fmb 1200mm panels

    No price - Mogliano Veneto, Italy

      saw fmb 1200mm panels model pluton 1996 book with instructions c) well it used as a saw, but we have not done a complete overhaul, and 'was only cleaned and tested. good and 'free from occult break...

    • FMB FZS

      No price - Krefeld, Germany Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: FMB

      used fmb fsz - sawing machine for processing of aluminum profiles two plants available single head type mata pc made with sturdy welded frame design consisting essentially of : security guard spray...

    • 1999 FMB Major Band saw

      $4,325 - Sri Lanka Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: FMB

      usеd band saw, in very good condition band blade size: 3300x27x0,9 mm engine power 2 hp, 1.5 kw the band saw dimensions: 900x1800x1600 weight: 580 kg year of manufacture: 1999 90° round fi 260mm sq...

    • 2007 FMB Pegasus D - S Band saw

      No price - Lengnau, Switzerland
      • Manufacturer: FMB

      bandsaw fmb pegasus d - s hydraulic, semi-automatic belt dimensions 4470 x 34 x 1,1 mm cutting range round 320 mm further data in accordance with annex

    • Automatic sawing fmb

      No price - Mogliano Veneto, Italy

        automatic sawing fmb b) well in good conditions of use, which 'can see connected and running, by appointment. the warranty on the machine and 'its functionality' in its entirety, and it 'possible t...

      • Cutting table FMB

        $3,360 - Faenza, Italy Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: FMB Major

        lot 6 tour of cutting to size with cn and band saw fmb ec yor 81488, via rollers and loading table. the machine was used for the cutting to size of pipe sections for subsequent processing. state of...

      • 1999 Italpresse FMB BME2

        $3,696 - Gargazon, Italy
        • Manufacturer: Italpresse

        fmb automatic еdge mod. bme2 machine with lower feed chain schmelzlkeberleimwanne double guide (round and rectangular) more upper pressure zone with double row pressure rollers pneumatic and electr...

      • 2008 FMB PEGASUS DS-VHZ

        No price - Rödermark, Germany
        • Manufacturer: FMB

        technical data: - saw band 4470 x 34 x 1.1 mm - cutting speed infinitely 16-120 m/min - hydraulic-lifting + lowering of the saw frame - cutting pressure regulation - swing frame left + right swivel...

      • 2009 FMB ZEUS VHZ- CN

        No price - Rödermark, Germany
        • Manufacturer: FMB

        technical data: - fully automatic workflow with hydr. raise + lower - the saw frame and material feeder - capacity 90 260 mm - flat 260 x 260 mm - saw band about 3300 x 27 x 0.9 mm - cutting speed ...