• 2014 Krone TX 460 D - Chopper transport trolley with dosing rollers

    $71,941 - Balterswil TG, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Krone
    • Model: TX 460 D

    krone tx 460 d self loading wagons with dosing rollers • permissible total weight 23,000 kg (support load 3,000 kg / axle load 20,000 kg) • 20 t tandem unit with hydr. compensation • pneumatic brak...

  • 2015 Schuitemaker Siwa 56W Vorführ-transport wagons

    No price - Wohlen bei Bern, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Schuitemaker

    premiere in switzerland the schuitemaker siwa 56w forage harvester can be inspected at landmaschinen ag in uettligen and can also be tested the so-called small brother of the siwa series, which is ...

  • Schuitemaker SIWA transport wagons

    No price - Wohlen bei Bern, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Schuitemaker

    the siwa is a robust solution for silage, wood chips, light manure to transport advantages of siwa -the scraper floor chains are double and flat link chains, that is, the highest stress such as woo...

  • 2015 Schlumpf T635 Mähladewagen / Mähwerk for harvesting green fodder

    $15,644 - Weisslingen, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Schlumpf

    mähladewagen / mower for harvesting green fodder t635 + tires ide angle joint shaft length 670 cm width 220 cm working width 185 cm working height 270 cm transport height 220 cm loading capacity 14...

  • Mengele ZAW 5000 wagons

    $12,350 - Büron, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Mengele

    subcategory 2: ittigeni offer | harvest technology | subcategory 3: transport/loading technique | subcategory 4: fodder trailer | type of advert: i offer

  • Bergmann 21S Royal

    $25,627 - Schänis, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Bergmann

    - silage loading wagon with 2 dosing rollers and cross conveyor belt at the rear, tandem axle with hydraulic brakes, central lubrication, knife guard, from mfk

  • Mengele ES 55

    $6,175 - Bleienbach, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Mengele

    chopper truck mengele; stainless steel floor; hydr. floor; hydr. back wall; new brake axis; 4 roller spreader contact

  • Agrar Scraper floor tandem with hydraulic scraper floor

    No price - Menznau, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Agrar

    tandem axle with brakes hydraulic scratching floor pneu in very good condition cracked ground chains and nuts in very good condition

  • 2016 Gilibert Jumbolino New

    No price - Fraubrunnen, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Gilibert

    fully equipped, fully hydrated. drive, front and rear scraper flooring, tires attachment below (also possible above), from mfk 40kmh. volume 22m3 anytime new and used jumbolino dosing trucks on off...

  • 2010 Bergmann HTW 35 -Plus

    $56,174 - Kägiswil, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Bergmann

    new loading volume 35ccm, tires front cross belt with dosing rollers onboard hydraulics with 1000u / min, hitch lock and rear discharge, compressed air system lower weight, 21t total weight