• KMS Laubschneider 1,45

    $9,575 - Tresdorf, Austria

      kms overlapping leaf cutter with 1.45 m cutting height, lifting mast s with inclination adjustment, parallel kinematics, mounting bracket, settling device. extremely precise cut due to high-qualit...

    • Laubschneider Typ L

      $4,748 - Tresdorf, Austria

        kms rinklin leaf cutter type l, 1,75 x 0,70 m, mechanical 30 degree left / right swiveling, stainless steel blade, lifting mast with tilt adjustment, mounting bracket for front hydraulics. new equ...

      • 1974 Holder A30 Schmalspur Allrad Laubschneider

        $8,361 - Schallstadt, Germany Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: Holder

        holder a30 with all-wheel drive foliage cutters tüv until september 2017 tires top strong 4 stroke motor track rail train knee joint was only renewed electricity top engine starts immediately, vehi...

      • 2009 Freilauber Entlauber

        $4,675 - Saulheim, Germany
        • Manufacturer: Freilauber

        freilauber entlauber good condition 2 dw and 1 ew with dl return elect. swivel right / left storage device

      • 2007 Binger Entlauber

        $9,049 - Saulheim, Germany
        • Manufacturer: Binger

        hydr. width adjustment hydr. height adjustment hydraulic elevation and tilt position to the clearing heads storage frame hydraulic regulator for rear- with pto drive

      • 2012 Binger EB 490 doppelseitig Ent

        $11,070 - Saulheim, Germany
        • Manufacturer: Binger

        storage device comfort control hydraulic side bending overline two-sided

      • 2011 Binger Laubschneider

        $6,063 - Saulheim, Germany Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: Binger

        foot mdc, mounting bracket hd, quick change, heart hydr. side inclination simultaneous width shift hydr. height adjustment

      • 2010 Ero Laubhefter

        $4,217 - Wintrich, Germany Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: Ero

        admission condition info: second-hand machine

      • Ero Laubhefter

        No price - Wintrich, Germany
        • Manufacturer: Ero

        condition info: second-hand machine

      • 2011 Binger Entlauber

        $11,861 - Saulheim, Germany
        • Manufacturer: Binger

        storage device comfort control valve, storage frame, mounting package 2, double-sided hdc, removal heads eb 490 width adjustment simultaneously and separately height adjustment hydr. side i...