Used food labelling systems

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  • 2014 Gernep Labetta 8-480 1SK Labelling machine

    • Manufacturer: Gernep

      Labelling machine gernep labetta 8-480 1sk used machine 1000 - 7000 bottles per hour, mint condition, including: - fully automated self-adhesive label dispenser (capacity 40m/min) - cam/notch-alignment via cam in...

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      Bippen, Germany
    • Krones - AVE PET

      • Manufacturer: Krones

        Krones - ave pet used machine krones pet and ave bottle filling and capping lines (2 lines) featured items: ave industries 200ml to 500ml pet filling & capping line ave industries 'quadro riodinatore' pet bottle ...

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        United Kingdom
      • 2002 Alpma, Cryovac, Ullman Chester chees vacuum packaging cheese cuttinh and line

        • Manufacturer: Chester

          Cheese cuttinh and cheese vacuum packaging line alpma, cryovac, ullman chester chees vacuum packaging used machine d 114 cryovac and ullmann cheese pieces packaging lines. the cheese cutting production and cryova...

          $138,048 (USD)
          Germany Producton standing point
        • Herma top and bottom label applicator

              Top and bottom label applicator stainless frame top and bottom labeller, 200mm belt width, variable speed

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              Chelmsford, United Kingdom
            • Ravenwood Packaging C wrapper / labeller

                  Lot 477 ravenwood packaging c wrappeer / labeller model: nobak 400v serial: 0492/2009 as well as c-wrapping regular-shaped packs the nobac 400v is capable of labelling irregular packs such as whole birds. it h...

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                  Chelmsford, United Kingdom
                • Sauven Ink jet printer

                  • Manufacturer: JET Tools

                    Lot 460 sauven ink jet printer model: 6000plus serial: 10b51 unused 2010 ink jet printer, it can be used as a simple stand alone easy to program printer or integrated into a full production network system. it ...

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                    Chelmsford, United Kingdom
                  • Altech Side labeller

                        Lot 395 altech two side labeller model: alritma m serial: 607050207262 stainless frame two-sided labeller, 2006, variable speed,up to 350l/min, conveyor dimensions 2000mm x 200mm... see spec at: see video at:...

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                        Chelmsford, United Kingdom
                      • harland proteus Self adhesive top labeller and coder

                        • Manufacturer: Coder

                          Lot 245 harland proteus self adhesive top labeller and coder model: 155s serial: ps15l self adhesive label applicator with allen hot foil coder mounted on conveyor. 120mm max label width. conveyor 1700mm x 150mm...

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                          Chelmsford, United Kingdom
                        • Combina Side labeller

                              Lot 86 combina side labeller model: 01-120rh pneu wipe serial: 0004-12 automatic side self adhesive label applicator with pneumatic wipe on arm conveyor

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                              Chelmsford, United Kingdom
                            • 2008 KUCHLER S.A.M. SAM P2 Cold-meat slicing machines

                              • Manufacturer: KUCHLER S A M

                                Cold-meat slicing machines kuchler s.a.m. sam p2 used machine fully automatic slicer- & packaging line kuchler electronics s.a.m. technical data: type: p2 consisting of: s.a.m. 310 f p2 fully automatic slicing ma...

                                $9,417 (USD)
                                Eilenburg, Germany