• Soma foodstuff

    • Manufacturer: Soma

      feed rack, soma rs, 145 kg, three point attachment, l x b x h 170 cm x 160 cm x 200 cm, solid, fully galvanized we will inform you about your local dealer for more information: or tel .: 03170/225

      Kelkheim, Germany
    • 1998 Thompson NT40 / 3 feed mill

      • Manufacturer: Thompson

        semi-trailer thompson nt40 / 3 is intended for transportation of mixed fodders or fluffy bran. to improve road handling, the vehicle is equipped with an abs system. it is also equipped with drum brakes, air suspe...

        Saint Petersburg, Russia
      • Damas Gravity Seperator SORLA 94763014

        • Manufacturer: Damas Gravity Seperator

          damas gravity seperator sorla  used machine  damas gravity separator. appears in very nice shape. is able make a sharp separation of the material into 2 fractions - usually a light one and a heavy one. capacity 8...

          No price
          Vodskov, Denmark
        • CImbria 1200T steel silo 73439325

          • Manufacturer: CImbria

            cimbria 1200t steel silo  used machine  steel silo galvanizied. capacity 1200ton. comes with 100t/hr cimbria bucket elevator and redler.

            No price
            Vodskov, Denmark
          • Damas grain cleaner Sigma 754 73367754

            • Manufacturer: Sigma

              damas grain cleaner sigma 754  used machine  getreidesiebreiniger damas sigma 754. capacity 80t/hr. comes with cyclone, pulco and table/foundation. lots of tubes accessories is also included.

              No price
              Vodskov, Denmark
            • 1992 Bühler MVSQ 60 Air-recycling Aspirator

              • Manufacturer: Bühler

                air-recycling aspirator bühler mvsq 60 used machine cleaning performance: 9t/h, silo performance: 40t/h, aspiration cleaning: 4m³/min, silo aspiration: 8m³/min.

                No price
              • Bühler / Golfetto Wheat Mill

                • Manufacturer: Bühler

                  wheat mill bühler / golfetto used machine the mill i. a. contains the following equipment: 8x double roller mill bühler (approx. 1975), impact mill bühler, 2x plan sifter golfetto, post sifter bühler, entoleter h...

                  No price
                • 1985 Gothot / Probat Rapido Niva RN 1000 URGA Coffee-roaster

                  • Manufacturer: Rapido

                    coffee roaster gothot / probat rapido niva rn 1000 urga used machine more information

                    No price
                    Velbert, Germany
                  • PVS 125 Hu Emulgier Modul

                    • Manufacturer: Modul

                      pvs pvs 125 hu emulgier modul new machine pvs 125hui or pvs 150 hui drive 15 or 22 kw cutting kit or emulsifying module in 125 or 150 mm size available dre pvs hui is 125 or 150 an inotec with an emulsifying modu...

                      No price
                      Winsen, Germany
                    • 1963 Huppmann 220 hl brew plant / output 176

                      • Manufacturer: Huppmann

                        brew plant huppmann 220 hl brew plant / output 176 used machine classic copper 2-devices brewhouse from huppmann 1963. partially automated. 220 hl brewhouse / output volume 176 hl 1) historical huppmann copper/co...

                        No price
                        Kassel, Germany