• Goldoni 40 hp more accessories

    $9,612 - Avellino, Italy Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Goldoni

    seeing yourself goldoni 40cavalli 6500 more forage 1:40 cn1500 more cestello500 and cart 500

  • Kuhn VKM 280

    No price - Kirchdorf in Tirol, Austria Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Kuhn
    • Model: VKM 280

    gw, hydr. side accessories, v-belts; item no .: 68320996

  • Hay and Hay Accessories Moisture Meter

    $7,295 - Alton, IA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Hay and Hay Accessories

    do you know the moisture of your hay? finally a moisture meter that gives accurate, reliable results!! the gazeeka 870 uses microwave technology to accurately measure the moisture of hay. far more ...

  • 2002 Maschio BS300

    No price - Zwettl, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Maschio

    double box, chain ​​protection, hydr. side accessory, steering; item number: 68320284

  • 2013 Claas KR0020

    No price - Lynden, WA, USA
    • Manufacturer: CLAAS

    adapter head for claas-krone.

  • Hay and Hay Accessories Conditioning Rollers

    No price - Alton, IA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Hay and Hay Accessories

    easy-to-use, reliable crushers for cutting by compressing alfalfa stems completely, the crusher conditioning rollers help retain more leaves, significantly increase dry-down time, and provides bett...

  • Hay and Hay Accessories Alfalfa Seed

    No price - Alton, IA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Hay and Hay Accessories

    we provide top high yielding alfalfa in both conventional and genuity round up ready from america’s alfalfa and wl alfalfa. several varieties adapted for all growing regions in the u.s. america’s a...

  • Hay and Hay Accessories Silage Film

    No price - Alton, IA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Hay and Hay Accessories

    reduced storage and operational cost (no need for inside storage). excellent puncture, abrasion and tear resistance for outdoor storage. specifically treated to resist ultra violet light degradatio...

  • Hay and Hay Accessories Net Wrap

    No price - Alton, IA, USA
    • Manufacturer: American

    premium, american-made net wrap: - stronger net that withstands all crop types - holds up under tough baling and weathering conditions - improved bale coverage through enhanced net design - availab...

  • 2011 Zürn Profi Cut 620 GPS #50085-120086

    $39,398 - Ravenstein, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Zürn

    direct cutting system for harvesting whole crop working width: 6.20m operating speeds: 5-15km / h area performance: up to 6 ha / h cutting height: 5-15cm number of discs: 2x8 number of knives. 32 (...