• Hay and Hay Accessories Moisture Meter

    $7,295 - Alton, IA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Hay and Hay Accessories

    do you know the moisture of your hay? finally a moisture meter that gives accurate, reliable results!! the gazeeka 870 uses microwave technology to accurately measure the moisture of hay. far more ...

  • Hay and Hay Accessories Conditioning Rollers

    No price - Alton, IA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Hay and Hay Accessories

    easy-to-use, reliable crushers for cutting by compressing alfalfa stems completely, the crusher conditioning rollers help retain more leaves, significantly increase dry-down time, and provides bett...

  • Hay and Hay Accessories Alfalfa Seed

    No price - Alton, IA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Hay and Hay Accessories

    we provide top high yielding alfalfa in both conventional and genuity round up ready from america’s alfalfa and wl alfalfa. several varieties adapted for all growing regions in the u.s. america’s a...

  • Hay and Hay Accessories Silage Film

    No price - Alton, IA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Hay and Hay Accessories

    reduced storage and operational cost (no need for inside storage). excellent puncture, abrasion and tear resistance for outdoor storage. specifically treated to resist ultra violet light degradatio...

  • Hay and Hay Accessories Net Wrap

    No price - Alton, IA, USA
    • Manufacturer: American

    premium, american-made net wrap: - stronger net that withstands all crop types - holds up under tough baling and weathering conditions - improved bale coverage through enhanced net design - availab...

  • 2014 Kverneland TAARUP 2316

    $4,712 - Møre og Romsdal, Norway
    • Manufacturer: Kverneland

    slåmaskin kverneland ta 2316 m the machine is unused. exchanged due to change of accessories. small handy machine with a working width of 1.6 mtr hydraulic actuation from working position to tr...

  • 2014 Claas Tucano 470

    $161,535 - Moritz, Germany
    • Manufacturer: CLAAS
    • Model: TUCANO 470

    trailer coupling automatically screen cleaning, standard chaff spreader universal sieve setting electrically drive axle tire: 650/75-r32 167 a8, 10-hole steering axle adjustable (6-hole) ste...

  • 2016 Claas CARGOS 8400

    $121,381 - Bordesholm, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: CLAAS

    claas cargo 8400; bj.2016; ladevolumen 35,5m; 40 meter; 38mm schnittlnge; central fr cutter chamber rear part with 3 metering rollers regulating rollers front flap top, hydraulic folding accessorie...

  • Sonstige GPS 5m

    $18,252 - Melle, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Sonstige

    working width: 5 m. with dolly champion danmark matches the deere forage harvesters of the 6000 and 7000 series the forage harvester must be equipped with a hydraulikkit bz13724!

  • Krone KW 8.50 / 8

    $3,586 - Börm, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Krone
    • Model: KW 850 8

    id: boeg205948, in ser ienm. equipment, hydr. border spreading device, tandem chassis center, three-point suspension, cpl. with all accessories, as available! in the client's order