• 2017 Valtra A93 Hitech equipment for harvesting

    $161,408 - Jämsä, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Valtra
    • Hours: 10 h

    we always keep the same a93 hitech -esittelykonetta in stock for quick delivery. this machine is constructed so that the same basic machine will be able to take advantage of agriculture, felling of...

  • 2005 New Holland TM130 Forestry tractor

    $20,901 - Labouheyre, France
    • Manufacturer: New Holland
    • Model: TM130

    forestry tires. ideal forest protection for harvesting tractor. turning seat contact only denis borel in

  • 2017 JAK 200; 200k; 250; 250k; 300; 300

    No price - Senosios Želsvos 5 Želsvos k. Želsvos k. Senosios želsvos 5 Marijampolės r. Liudvinavo sen Lithuania Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: JAK
    • Hours: 0

    sell ​​a qualitatively new harvesting head. jak - metally oy has a strong name in scandinavia and europe. the felling head picks up perfectly with shrubs, trees and other wood. the crossing of t...

  • Nisula N5 -harvennushakkuukone

    No price - Jämsä, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Nisula
    • Hours: 810 h

    now released from the sale of demonstration of n5 been thinning harvester. the machine is sold the new guarantees. as a more productive and cost-effective thinning machine you can not find. other f...

  • TEKNAMOTOR Skorpion 500 RB Wood chipper

    No price - Ostrowiec, Poland Recently Added

      capacity: 20 m3/h the skorpion 500 rb is a mobile model with the drum system. works with a 1220-hp agricultural tractor, (540 - 750 rpm) due to the large amount of material processed up to 300 mm i...

    • TEKNAMOTOR Skorpion 350 RB Wood chipper

      No price - Ostrowiec, Poland Recently Added

        capacity: 16 m3/h the skorpion 350 rb is a mobile model with the drum system. works with an agricultural tractor with a minimum power of 100 hp (540 rpm). due to the large amount of material proces...

      • Forest Tractor Romania

        No price - Cocoreni, Romania Recently Added

          sell ​​taf revised in the fall of 2016 corrosion horns rocking face changed again rebuilding half rebuilt again with new bolts blade cylinders and rebuilt screed new hydraulic pump new directional ...

        • Forest Tractor Romania

          No price - Pitești, Romania Recently Added

            i sell tauf forest in good working order iveco magirus 170 cp engine, zf 6 + r box (heavy, fast on each speed) hanomag bridge for more details on the phone the bin is in the works can be tested whe...

          • Massy Ferguson Forest Tractor Romania

            $13,971 - Miercurea Ciuc, Romania Recently Added
            • Manufacturer: Massey Ferguson

            sell ​​tractor massey ferguson 2680 130 cp 4x4 with forestry trailer trailer can also be picked for 8 meters wood 12500 euro - translated with google

          • 1980 LKT 80 Forest Tractor Slovakia

            No price - Banská Bystrica, Slovakia
            • Manufacturer: LKT 80

            after the overhaul, exchange transmissions - translated with google