• New Brunswick Innova U535 -86°C

    $5,665 - United States

      new brunswick innova u535 -86°c freezer warranty: 90 day full parts and labor condition: refurbished and fully tested new brunswick innova u535 -86°c freezer the new brunswick innova u535 -86°c fre...

    • SP Industries VirTis Benchtop 2K Freeze

      $6,925 - United States

        sp industries virtis benchtop 2k freeze dry system in stock condition: refurbished and fully tested sp industries virtis benchtop 2k freeze dry system the sp industries virtis benchtop 2k freeze dr...

      • Advanced Instruments 3250 Osmometer Osmometer

        $5,499 - San Diego, CA, USA
        • Manufacturer: Advanced Instruments

        the advanced instruments 3250 osmometer is a microvolume osmolality tester. its high-precision thermistors utilize freezing point depression methods with customizable test parameters to accurately ...

      • Freezing frames

        No price - Myre, Norway

          freezing frames condition: very good block borders alumn. 13,5 lbs  block borders alumn. 16,5 lbs  aluminium freezing frames to ditto  galvanized freezing frames to ditto  galvanized frameholders (...

        • Shelfs for salmon freezing

          No price - Myre, Norway

            forming inserts of pallets of industrial refrigerators number of stations: 9 sizes: length: 1230 mm width: 990 mm height of waves: 90 mm print out

          • 3117 - Yamada InkPRO® tote pumps 3117

            No price - Elk Grove Village, IL, USA
            • Manufacturer: Trio

            ink pumps features: yamada inkpro® tote pumps: air motor features outside accessible air valve, eliminating the need to remove the pump from service for an air valve inspection and anti-freezin...

          • Used- Advanced Instruments Multi Sample Osmometer, Model 3900. Sample volume 0.20 to 0.30 ml, up to 30 samples at one time continuously

            No price - Bensenville, IL, USA
            • Manufacturer: Advance

            45288001 used- advanced instruments multi sample osmometer, model 3900. sample volume 0.20 to 0.30 ml, up to 30 samples at one time continuously. designed to determine the osmolality of solutions u...

          • 2011 Iveco Daily 35C13 cabinet MRAZAK -29 ° - IZOTERM 15CM! /2.Komory / 380V / Freezing-Cooling-Cooling!

            $18,929 - Prague, Czech Republic
            • Manufacturer: Iveco

            id 17/222, choose +420 778 447 741, year 10 years at the market, sleep of 10,000 wagons sold, you get to buy your vehicle washing and still with one of 98% of the loved customers, guaranteed origin...

          • 2008 Coldstar 400 Freezing Ice-flakerRelated goods

            No price - Myre, Norway

              man. year: 2008 condition: good, working capacity with work. temp. (+15 c): 400 kg/ 24 h water consumption: 400 l/ 24 h refrigerant: r404a water pressure: up to 6 bar power: 1,6 kw voltage: 3 x 400...

            • 2008 Gea Grasso Freezing unit

              No price - Lorquí, Spain
              • Manufacturer: GEA

              freezing unit gea grasso freezing unit used machine brand new freezing unit, gea grasso, including: 1 cascade system co2/ammonia 2 x 160 with 2 piston compressors, models65hp ( 90kw each), and one ...