• Tunnel Freezers

        iqf tunnel freezer freezing capacity: 1,100-17,630 lb/hr or 500kg-8,000 kg/hr products: fruits, vegetables, french fries, poultry, prepared food, seafood and bulky food. features: individual quick freezing (iqf) ...

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        Plain City, OH, USA
      • 1997 Air liquide Freeze tunnel #3924

        • Manufacturer: Air liquide

          ultra freeze unit equipped with 48 wide conveyor, 3 freezing modules with a length of 21? 7. first tier equipped with a ventilator and a variable speed conveyor with co2. the mesh belt is of b24 type with opening...

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          Ontario, Canada
        • Sock freezing tunnel Pugnale

          • Manufacturer: Pugnale

            width: 8700 mm | height: 2400 | length: 2200 mm | voltage: electrical: 400v 50hz 3n | cooling agent: nitrogen or co2 | main material: stainlees steel | conveyor width: 1200 mm | freezing temperature up to: -120 c

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            Warsaw, Poland
          • 2006 gti 3 layer tunnel freezer Shock-freezing units

            • Manufacturer: gti

              shock-freezing units gti 3 layer tunnel freezer used machine freeze/cooling tunnel evaporator (frigerst, type: dpie 4030) 2 cooling units bitzer bse32: type: 3025/groupe de, sn: 07-223-02 en 07-223-03, year: 1997...

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            • Used- CES Multi Pass (Three Tiers) Immersion Liquid Nitrogen Tunnel, IQF, 17-foot usable length per level, 48 inches belt width, hydraulic operated top lifting system

                  46537001 used- ces multi pass (three tiers) immersion liquid nitrogen tunnel, iqf, 17-foot usable length per level, 48 inches belt width, hydraulic operated top lifting system. process involves a short immersion ...

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                  Bensenville, IL, USA
                • Tunnel microwave defroster SAIREM TMW75B

                      max. capacity: 3000 kg/hour (defrosting from  - 20 to -4 °c) this capacity achieved using one generator with max. power of microwave emitting 75 kw. capacity depends of start and final temperature and product fea...

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                      Myre, Norway
                    • Tunnel freezer Torry

                          capacity: 230-280 kg shrimps per hour (iqf) refrigerant: freon r22 belt width: 1,2 m belt length: 11,6 m s/s belt does not damage fillet products. print out

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                          Myre, Norway

                              1-used hollymatic cryogenic nitrogen stainless steel freeze tunnel. belt measures approx. 48" wide x 30' long. previously utilized for iqf freezing of fish fillets (last running approx. 1,000 to 1,500 lbs. per ho...

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                              Bohemia, NY, USA
                            • 2008 SCA BD - 800 - Tunnel freezerRelated goods

                                  man. year: 2008 condition: good, working capacity: up to 1000 kg/h power: 23 kw dimensions (lxwxh): 24000 x 2300 x 2550 mm equipped with steel belt complete with compressor station with air condenser power: 200 k...

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                                  Myre, Norway
                                • Bitzer / Hvist Quick freezing chamber

                                  • Manufacturer: Bitzer

                                    quick freezing chamber compressor set wv7woyar8 condensator evaporator controlboard everything excluding room / panels