• BMA Maschinenbau Gentle and thorough polishing of vegetable

    $9,208 - Eppishausen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: BMA Maschinenbau

    gentle and thorough polishing of vegetable bma maschinenbau new machine gentle and thorough polishing of vegetable with water. especially suitable for polishing of carrots, potato. the attached sof...

  • Busser vacuum cooking mixer

    $35,986 - Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Busser

    vacuum cooking mixer busser used machine busser vacuum cooking mixer 40liter jacket siemens plc control

  • 2016 Lithuania, JSC HERMIS TP-HRW Tunnel pasteurizer for pickled food

    No price - Lithuania
    • Manufacturer: Lithuania, JSC HERMIS

    tunnel pasteurizer for pickled food lithuania, jsc hermis tp-hrw new machine production capacity from 1000 bottles/h 0,5 l; submersible-shower type automatic; alarm system; for glass bottles, tins ...

  • INDAG HTIRM 10 VT-D Rotary lobe pump

    $2,635 - Germany
    • Manufacturer: INDAG

    rotary lobe pump indag htirm 10 vt-d used machine indag circular piston pump htirm 10 vt-d flow rate: 1,200 l / h pressure/pressure: 100 m / 10 bar rpm: 1,410/2,850 kw / voltage: 1.8/2.2 / 400 v su...

  • Westfalia CB 505-01-12 Decanterplant for Frut- and Vegetablejuice

    $154,658 - Egnach, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Westfalia

    decanterplant for frut- and vegetablejuice westfalia cb 505-01-12 complete system consisting of: pos. 01 before crushing pump seepex 15 kw, fülltrtichter, 1.4301 and directly flange-mounted mill, s...

  • BMA Maschinenbau KS600 Herb Schneider Kohl Saini Planer

    $4,022 - Eppishausen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Schneider

    herb schneider kohl saini herb planer bma maschinenbau ks600 new machine this machine is suitable for cutting of large quantities of white and red cabbage. the cabbage which was entstrunkt fits eas...

  • Food tec VM 150

    No price - Hamburg, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Food tec

    food tec vm 150 used machine food tec vacuum cooking mixers cooking vacuum jacket volume 150 l

  • Ensacheuse laudenberg

    $10,584 - France
    • Manufacturer: Ensacheuse laudenberg

    ensacheuse laudenberg laudenberg used machine 1986 machine reconditioned by the manufacturer in 2001. bags 3 or 4 duplex or simplex welds at the start of the coil. sizes of bags: simplex 120 x 110 ...

  • Kronen PL Potato peeling machines - plant

    No price - Speyer, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Kronen

    potato peeling machines - potato peeling plant kronen pl used machine film: for sale:kronen potato peeling machine,small potato peeling plant, consists of: 1 / 1 x kronen batch peelers - abresive ...

  • 2012 Neubauer Espaso S 12

    $35,986 - Zeschdorf, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Neubauer

    neubauer espaso s 12 used machine asparagus sorting machine automatically neubauer espaso s 12 neubauer espaso s 12 automatic asparagus sorting machine two-sided with water storage incl. water recy...