• 2002 Prosecore E.T. 20 Telescopic filler

    $6,322 - Lisbon, Portugal Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Prosecore

    telescopic filler prosecore e.t. 20 used machine telescopic filler, suitable to fill cans or jars with vegetables, meat, tomato (pieces). volume regulation ; 2 format sizes : 14 and 28 oz;

  • 1998 ZACMI PF Filler

    $15,804 - Lisbon, Portugal Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: ZACMI

    filler zacmi pf used machine piston filler, with 12 pistons, able to work with pulps and fruit concentrates, maximum volume: 1,200 cc;2 formats included: 1 lt and 0,5 lt; usable with cans, bottles ...

  • 1999 FEUMA HU 1010 Universal machines

    No price - Karlsruhe, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: FEUMA

    universal machines feuma hu 1010 used machine universal high major kitchen machine feuma hu 1010 consisting of: drive with frame crankcase cutting attachment funnel attachment -adjustable blade dis...

  • Barsch Big seal

    No price - Reiskirchen, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Barsch

    barsch big seal new machine horizontal pillow-pack packaging machine for the packaging of various products from a for apple to z like plums, the performance is dependent on the product and the cove...

  • Ucon Container

    No price - Germany
    • Manufacturer: Ucon

    ucon container used machine stainless steel transport containers â content 1,600 ltr.,. easily stackable, forklift trucks and pallet trucks passable last purpose: food dimensions: lxwxh 1,200 x 1,2...

  • Cappiello and Pentavac

    No price - Italy
    • Manufacturer: Cappiello and Pentavac

    cappiello and pentavac various used machine salad processing and packing line: - two blowing washing machines make cappiello, output conveyor model linda lt junior series, manufacture year 2009; - ...

  • 2016 Lithuania, JSC HERMIS TP-HRW Tunnel pasteurizer for pickled food

    No price - Lithuania
    • Manufacturer: Lithuania, JSC HERMIS

    tunnel pasteurizer for pickled food lithuania, jsc hermis tp-hrw new machine production capacity from 1000 bottles/h 0,5 l; submersible-shower type automatic; alarm system; for glass bottles, tins ...

  • Food tec VM 150

    No price - Hamburg, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Food tec

    food tec vm 150 used machine food tec vacuum cooking mixers cooking vacuum jacket volume 150 l

  • 2002 HSH Anlagenbau GmbH 1005 fruit mill

    $4,741 - Löwenstein, Germany
    • Manufacturer: HSH Anlagenbau GmbH

    fruit mill hsh anlagenbau gmbh 1005 used machine hole mill hanging in the edelstahlgetell on adjustable feet with interchangeable discs and supply limitation and closed container of mash with dn 60...

  • Kronen PL Potato peeling machines- Vegetable peelers

    No price - Speyer, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Kronen

    potato peeling machines- vegetable peelers kronen pl used machine film: for sale: kronen pl potato peeling machine,small potato peeling plant, consists of: 1 / 1 x kronen batch peelers-abresive pe...