• 1999 FEUMA HU 1010 Universal machines

    No price - Karlsruhe, Germany
    • Manufacturer: FEUMA

    universal machines feuma hu 1010 used machine universal high major kitchen machine feuma hu 1010 consisting of: drive with frame crankcase cutting attachment funnel attachment -adjustable blade dis...

  • 2002 Prosecore E.T. 20 Telescopic filler

    $6,403 - Lisbon, Portugal
    • Manufacturer: Prosecore

    telescopic filler prosecore e.t. 20 used machine telescopic filler, suitable to fill cans or jars with vegetables, meat, tomato (pieces). volume regulation ; 2 format sizes : 14 and 28 oz;

  • 1998 ZACMI PF Filler

    $16,008 - Lisbon, Portugal
    • Manufacturer: ZACMI

    filler zacmi pf used machine piston filler, with 12 pistons, able to work with pulps and fruit concentrates, maximum volume: 1,200 cc;2 formats included: 1 lt and 0,5 lt; usable with cans, bottles ...

  • 2000 Diverse 6000 kg /h Frozen French Fries Line

    No price - Spain
    • Manufacturer: Diverse

    frozen french fries line diverse 6000 kg /h used machine french fries line the line is mainly from the year 2000, there are different machines that have different year of production they use parts ...

  • Barsch Big seal

    No price - Reiskirchen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Barsch

    barsch big seal new machine horizontal pillow-pack packaging machine for the packaging of various products from a for apple to z like plums, the performance is dependent on the product and the cove...

  • Eillert CH IN Vegetable washing machines

    No price - Tilburg, Netherlands Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Eillert

    vegetable washing machines eillert ch in used machine vegetable centrifuge e ch in this vegetable centrifuge is suitable for a large amount of crops vegetables at once to dry spin cycle. hurts your...

  • Eillert BL1000 Dicer Stripping Machine

    No price - Tilburg, Netherlands Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Eillert

    dicer stripping machine eillert bl1000 used machine blocks cutting machine e bl-1000 the bl-1000 has a 3-phase system (discs, strips, blocks) which makes the machine ideal for processing root veget...

  • FAM Mantis Slicer

    No price - Tilburg, Netherlands Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Mantis

    slicer fam mantis used machine bandsnijmachine fam mantis the fam mantis tranverse slicer is a one-dimensional cutting machine, suitable for cross-cutting different elongate and oval foods (both...

  • FAM NN Slicer

    No price - Tilburg, Netherlands Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: FAM

    slicer fam nn used machine band slicer fam machine is entirely made of stainless steel band slicer for cutting a wide range of fruits and vegetables production capacity: up to 2000 kg per hour, dep...

  • Food tec VM 150

    No price - Hamburg, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Food tec

    food tec vm 150 used machine food tec vacuum cooking mixers cooking vacuum jacket volume 150 l