• Bocker TOP LIFT MV200 New '14

    $7,743 - Acharnes, Greece
    • Manufacturer: Böcker

    bocker top lift 13 - 19 meters 250 kg lifting capacity, electric - monophasic, progressive startup and shutdown, sliding rotating basket h, new ideal for lifting and furniture household effects.

  • Bocker Simply NEW '14

    $16,554 - Acharnes, Greece
    • Manufacturer: Böcker
    • Capacity: 200 cc

    neo bocker simply hl 21 / 1-5 trailer, hoists for furniture and oikoskefes, short needles, small size, the lifting capacity is on the 250 pounds and height 21 meters (trailer without brake). with m...

  • Bocker JUNIOR 18-24 New '14

    $20,078 - Acharnes, Greece
    • Manufacturer: Böcker
    • Capacity: 340 cc

    bocker hd 18-24 / 0-7 trailer, hoists furniture and oikoskefes with near needles, small size, and in version with changing width, the lifting capacity is on the 250 pounds and versions to height 18...

  • 2005 Boecker auf Hunday Fahrzeug HL 30/1-7LH

    No price - Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Boecker auf Hunday Fahrzeug

    the offered car was barely in operation and looks therefore like new! rotating lift with remote control, furniture bed u telescopic, driven via pto, extendible approx. 5.40-30, 20 m, nl 300 kg, hyd...

  • 2000 UD MK210 FURNITURE - TA...

    $22,633 - Welshpool, Australia
    • Manufacturer: UD Trucks

    ** furniture pantch with tail lift ** this truck has been well looked after by an owner /driver and is ready to keep working, with you. to enquire about this vehicle or any other fantastic vehicl...

  • Lift-scale removals KLAAS HV25 / 5M ON VW TARO

    $16,020 - Nogarole Rocca, Italy
    • Manufacturer: Volkswagen

    lift model used mark klaas hv25 / 5m equipped on volkswagen taro year 1996 - about 80,000 km detachable up to ca. mt. 25, overall mass within 3.500 kg (b license), maximum flow rate kg. 200, rotati...

  • Reliance 6200H ENT Exam Chair – Certified Pre-Owned

    $2,895 - San Diego, CA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Reliance

    the reliance 6200h ent exam chair is in very nice condition, certified to proper operating specifications, and features premium quality new upholstery.warranty: 90 days parts and e 6200 chair's hyd...

  • Skytron 6001 Elite Surgical Table – Certified Pre-Owned

    $6,995 - San Diego, CA, USA

      the skytron 6001 elite surgical table is in excellent condition and certified to proper operating specifications.warranty: 90 days parts and e 6001 elite is an electro-hydraulically operated, gener...

    • hook lift trucks for Cash

      $1,270 - Bagnaria Arsa, Italy Recently Added

        case demountable truck 8.60 mt length set for furniture and related transport. price 1200,00 € treatable. contact damian / maurizio 3487013323

      • Detecto Digital Patient Lift Scale

        $587 - San Diego, CA, USA
        • Manufacturer: Detecto

        detecto digital patient lift scale determines the weight of a person suspended from a portable patient lift mechanism. the unit comes with two _o” rings and is available in models with 400 and 600 ...