• Shimadzu Gas Chromatograph GC-17A 07092

    $6,090 - Mount Holly, NJ
    • Manufacturer: Shimadzu

    we list all our equipment in the parts category! shimadzu gas chromatograph model gc-17a 07092 discription of listing shimadzu gas chromatograph ... read more

  • Agilent Technologies Waters Micromass 6890N With GCT Gas Chromatograph GC/MS Mass Spec

    $24,999 - Anaheim, CA
    • Manufacturer: Agilent

    agilent 6890 n gas chromatograph with waters micromass gct gc/ms mass spec ... read more

  • Thermo Focus GC

    $14,527 - Burladingen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Thermo

    thermo fisher scientific gas chromatograph gc focus. with fid detector. cooled rack autosampler triplus with 10µl liquid injection and splitless injector. parker fid gas station. chrome quest 5.0 s...

  • Shimadzu 14A GCFI

    $4,021 - Burladingen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Shimadzu

    shimadzu gas chromatograph gc-14a. fid. split/splitless injector. for capillary columns. panel. gas control station cfc 14pp. integrator c-r 5a. 220v. 50/60hz. 2200w.

  • Varian 3400

    $4,378 - Burladingen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Varian

    varian gas chromatograph gc 3400. 2x tsd. split / splitless capillary injector 1075. device for capillary columns. control panel. display. 230 v 50/60 hz. 1440 w. gas filters and gas cleaning cartr...

  • Shimadzu GC-17A GCMS with QP5000 MS,IG-50 Controller, and FID detector

    $4,500 - San Diego, CA
    • Manufacturer: Shimadzu

    gas chromatograph gc-17a is positioned as "work horse" for routine analyses either in industrial or laboratory environment. flow controller supports pressure, flow and velocity modes. compact desig...

  • HP 6890 Gas Chromatography GC system with FPD detector

    No price - Markham, Canada

      hp 6890 gas chromatography gc system with fpd detector the  agilent 6890 series gc (gas chromatography system) sometime referred to as the  hp 6890 is the high performing successor of the hp agilen...

    • Varian 3900 GC With FID and 1041 Packed Injector

      No price - Markham, Canada
      • Manufacturer: Varian

      the varian 3900 gas chromatograph (gc) is designed to meet the demands of the analytical laboratory with its compact design—gc occupies less than half the workspace of the average gas chromatograph...

    • Hewlett-Packard HP 5970B GCMS System with 5890 Series II Plus GC

      No price - San Diego, CA
      • Manufacturer: Hewlett packard

      system includes: hp (agilent) 5970b mass spectrometer hp (agilent) 5890 series ii plus gas chromatograph computer additional options: 7673 autosampler the hp agilent 5970 mass spectrometer ...

    • Shimadzu GC-2010AF Gas Chromatograph System

      $8,500 - Freehold Township, NJ
      • Manufacturer: Shimadzu

      gas chromatograph system. gas chromatograph system equipped with fid (flame ionization detector) and multi-packed column system. samples are injected via electronic sample valve. includes pc. 115v,...