• John Deere Field Connect Gateway

    $3,000 - Alamo, TN
    • Manufacturer: John Deere

    fieldconnect gateway with 2 probes and agronomic sensors this is a one year old gateway that comes with 2 probes (pcpb02b303959, pcpb02b304120) and a full set of agronomic sensors (rain gauge, ...

  • NSGData 2214D Netrix Network Exchange VoIP & Data Gateway FTU1-S00165A

    $3,500 - Ventura, CA
    • Manufacturer: NSGData

    nsgdata 2214d netrix network exchange voip & data gateway ftu1-s00165a this unit was pulled from working environment due to their upgrading the network. while it powers on, lights up and its fan s...

  • Set of Industrial Valve Flow Control Hinged Gateways, S-01 21493-74, 15-1/2"

    No price - Stevensville, MI

      pair of flow control valve hinge gateways 15.5 inches in diameter holes for attaching to mechanism are 5/8" in diameter on the inside s-01 21493-74 great physical condition.

    • Clarent GC-A032-3 Gateway Carrier 32-Port Analog VOIP Server

      $2,000 - Ventura, CA
      • Manufacturer: Carrier

      clarent gc-a032-3 gateway carrier 32-port analog voip server 4 each wti-8 analog port card ag-24/30 dsp card with 8dspdb daughter board audiocodes trunkpack-100 voip card intel 10/100 baset etherpr...

    • John Deere FieldConnect Gateway

      $1,500 - Alamo, TN
      • Manufacturer: John Deere

      fieldconnect gateway with probe this is a one year old gateway that comes with one probe (pcpb301718) and the 10 foot cable to hook it up.

    • Gateway GP6-400 G6-400 -One ISA Slot- Desktop PC Computer PII 450MHz 20GB HDD

      No price - Ventura, CA
      • Manufacturer: Gateway

      gateway gp6-400 g6-400 -one isa slot- desktop pc computer pii 450mhz 20gb hdd cpu: intel pentium ii (pii) 450 mhz processor hard drive: 20 gb hdd - no operating system included memory: 128 mb ram...

    • Keysight Agilent HP E5810B LAN/GPIB/USB Gateway

      No price - Elgin, IL
      • Manufacturer: Agilent

      keysight agilent hp e5810b features: remote access and control of gpib, usb and rs-232 instruments via lan in one-box solution faster gpib transfer rate of up to 1.2 mb/s supports 1000base-t (1 gig...

    • Gateway 2000 LPMINI - Desktop Intel P200 MHz, 64MB RAM, HDD 3.2GB Desktop

      No price - Ventura, CA
      • Manufacturer: RAM

      gateway 2000 lpmini - desktop intel p200 mhz, 64mb ram, hdd 3.2gb desktop intel p200mhz 64mb ram hdd 3.2gb 1.44" floppy drive cd rom 3 isa slots 4 pci slots

    • 2013 John Deere 0026PC FIELD CONNECT GATEWAY

      $2,497 - Blackfoot, ID
      • Manufacturer: John Deere

      field connect gateway, 0026pc, super clean, nice, premium used equipment - visit our website to view our inventory online! stock #167563 field connect gateway john deere

    • 2015 Väderstad Rapid RD 300S

      $42,296 - Pniewy, Poland
      • Manufacturer: Väderstad

      machine demonstarcyjna, course approx. 50ha warranty of the maximum two years