• 2007 Alcoa 200E-CF1400-08 Bottle Capper

    No price - Hickory, NC
    • Manufacturer: Alcoa

    like new, 8 head ropp (roll on pilfer proof) capper designed to run 350 bottles per minute, last running 750ml glass bottles with a 33mm ropp aluminum cap around 100 bottles per minute, left to rig...

  • Nercon Stainless Steel Bottle Elevator

    No price - Hickory, NC
    • Manufacturer: Nercon

    stainless steel construction, elevates bottles from 48 inches to 144 inches using grippers, dual drive motors – 1.5hp each, 230/460 volts, 3ph, last running glass bottles at food plant, very good ...

  • 8 Head Bottle Cleaner Bottle Cleaner #14690

    No price - Marlboro Township, NJ
    • Manufacturer: 8 Head Bottle Cleaner

    eight station rotary pneumatic bottle cleaner (mfg. unknown) features all stainless steel construction, 3/16 diameter stainless steel cleaning nozzles with uhmw inverted cone bottle locator for up ...

  • Meyer 40 Valve Beer Bottling / Packaging Line for 12oz. Glass

    No price - Hickory, NC
    • Manufacturer: Meyer

    still installed and able to be inspected unload glass table 5 feet wide x 10 feet long (ss construction, plastic belting) bottle combiner to single lane unipak model sl6000 twist rinser to clean bo...

  • APS and Arrowhead 3 1/4″ Plastic Chain and 4 1/2″ Plastic Chain Bottle Conveyor

    No price - Hickory, NC
    • Manufacturer: APS and Arrowhead

    multiple sections, estimated around 550 feet of straight conveyor including 90º curves, 45º curves and drive sections, stainless steel construction with plastic belting, legs and side rails will be...

  • Ionized Air Bottle Rinser

    No price - Bohemia, NY

      1 - used ionized air bottle rinser.  rinser will run a large variety of platic & glass bottles.  this rinser is currently set-up to run 10 oz. pet bottles.  last used with a water bottle filling li...

    • New Freeze Dryer TFD30T

      $24,150 - Michigan, USA
      • Manufacturer: NA

      vacuum freeze dryer (square cabinet) is suitable for laboratory samples of freeze drying test, and a small amount of production.  cascade refrigeration technology.  square shelf is easy to ...

    • 2014 Glass bottle 0762

      No price - Burgwald, Germany

        type: amdps 24 / 4 with 24 filling valves and 4head crown corker capacity: 6.000 bph running direction: left to right incl. pre-evacuation system year of manufacturing: 2014 in 2015 the machine was...

      • 2004 Glass bottle 0718

        No price - Burgwald, Germany

          year of manufacturing: 2004 type: asi - 32 / tps - 32/8 with siemens s7 with 3 format parts for 500 ml and 1.000 ml / 1.500 ml / 2.000 ml

        • 2015 Glass bottle 0761

          No price - Burgwald, Germany

            type: diamond 8-1 with 8 filling valves and 1 head seamer year of manufacturing: 2015 capacity: appr. 3.500 cph condition: 'like new', because it was only 4months in production