vertical drilling machine - year 2004 maximum processing height    1300mm maximum glass height    no limit; open top minimum drill size    250 x 200mm thickness for drilling    3-40mm minimum drill diameter    4m...

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        Terni, Italy
      • Crystal Glass Production

            complete glass production for technical glass, chandelier drops, giftware etc.. including: mouldings, presses, compresors, cooling conveyor, chamber furnaces, flat grinding with sharpening, fine grinding and poli...

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            Berlin, Germany
          • 2015 Raimondi Foraspeed Combi

            • Manufacturer: Raimondi

              manufacturer: raimondi model: foraspeed combi type: vertical drilling machine speed: stepless 260-1050 u/min annular core bit connector: ½ hole depth: 120 mm tile size: 70 x 70 cm wlyvtxcx power: 1000 w motor vol...

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              Baden-Württemberg, Germany
            • ADA 1070 B

              • Manufacturer: ADA

                double-side drilling machine with roller table and laser centering ada 1070 b top drill with manual feed, bottom drill with automatic feed machine after overhaul in set many new drill 7mje70j0o

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              • Machining Center - Universal DMG DECKEL MAHO DMU 80T Monoblock

                • Manufacturer: Deckel Maho
                • Control: CNC HEIDENHAIN MILLPlus IT V

                deckel maho gildemeister dmu 80t monoblock compact 5-axis machining center with large travel distances. 12,000 spindle and icz. machine is currently completely overhauled. the overhaul includes: - complete disass...

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                Wuppertal, Germany
              • 2001 MATRA BT 2

                • Manufacturer: Matra

                  clamping area 600x300 mm max work piece height 350 mm height of splash guard 475 mm x-stroke 350mm y-stroke 250mm servo-controlled z-axis 330 mm adjusting range w-axis (motor) 200 mm 73upfalcn digital display (3 ...

                  $3,418 (USD)
                • 1996 Urban SV 490

                  • Manufacturer: Urban

                    2-axes plaster the outside corner of a cnc controlled milling disc tools from the top -schattennutmesser -drilling unit -knife for angles and radii tools from the bottom -schattennutmesser -drilling unit yr9ysjjl...

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                    Baden-Württemberg, Germany
                  • Production Line 30 - 60 units

                    • Manufacturer: Urban, Wegoma, Rotox, Haffner

                      two head welding machine uban aks 1260 7eg0ltupu -both heads set 90 ° -max sealing length 2550 mm -min welding length 370 mm -weld seam limitation 2 mm cross - and welding of fighters on both sides -set support a...

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                      • Manufacturer: PRUSSIANI ENGINEERING

                        prussiani oceania elite cnc machine:usable bed size 145" x 78", 15 hp spindle variable speed to 12,000 rpm, (27) positions automatic tool changer with iso 40 tool mounting. -- 3-axis cnc work center with optiona...

                        $69,800 (USD)
                        United States
                      • 1998 INTERMAC MASTER STONE 2300 CNC WORK CENTER [SN-011291]

                        • Manufacturer: Intermac

                          intermac master 2300 cnc machine:useable bed size of 120" x 90", 10 hp direct drive electro-spindle, variable speed to 0 - 15,000 rpm, automatic tool changer with (2) side mounted linear tool racks with (12) posi...

                          $7,800 (USD)
                          United States

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