• YSI Life Sciences 2300 Stat Plus Glucose & Lactate Analyzer

        ysi life sciences 2300 stat plus glucose & lactate analyzer used looks great

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        Manasquan, NJ, USA
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        Mundelein, IL, USA
      • YSI Select Model 2700 Yellow Springs Instrument

            ysi select model 2700-d yellow springs instrument, the select dual channel biochemistry analyzers typical applications are cell culture, fermentation, bioprocessing, - for anaylzing glucose, lactose, sucrose, cho...

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            Manasquan, NJ, USA
          • YSI 7100MBS Multiparameter Bioanalytical System

                the ysi 7100mbs multiparameter bioanalytical system is designed to provide precise, efficient, and accurate results. with quick sample results, the 7100mbs measures several parameters at once including glucose, g...

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                East Lyme, CT, USA
              • 10 Horsepower Westfalia Disc Bowl Centrifuge ; Auto Desludger #99748

                • Manufacturer: Westfalia

                  westfalia dsa14-03-076 disc bowl centrifuge. separator (3-phase) design. sn 1673010. special design for glucose separation. driven by 7.5 kw, 50 hz, 380 volt, 1445 rpm motor. cast iron frame w/brake, oil level si...

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                  West Windsor Township, NJ, USA
                • Yellow Springs Instruments 7100 MBS YSI 7100MBS, Yellow Springs Instruments 7100 MBS YSI 7100 MBS

                      yellow springs instruments 7100 mbs ysi 7100mbs the ysi 7100 mbs is powerful and an upgradeable multiparameter bioanalytical system. capable of measuring four distinct parameters simultaneously, six in total, fro...

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                      Manasquan, NJ, USA
                    • YSI 7100 Multiparameter Bioanalytical System Yellow Springs Instruments 7100MBS YSI 7100 MBS YSI 710

                          ysi 7100 multiparameter bioanalytical system yellow springs instruments 7100mbs ysi 7100 mbs ysi 7100mbs system can measure multiple parameters simultaneously-used has the ability to measure six distinct paramete...

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                          Manasquan, NJ, USA
                        • EKF Biosen S-Line

                          • Manufacturer: EKF

                            phone: 1-567-221-0615 the ekf biosen s-line is an automated diagnostic instrument that uses blood, plasma, or serum samples to detect the presence and quantity of glucose and lactate in the sample. the no-rinse ...

                            Cridersville, OH, USA
                          • Cooking System - 78870

                                cooking system consisting of the following: - (2) 1m x 2m hot/cold ables - bosch hansella model 126f solvomat for dry sugar, glucose and water,, serial no. 30690 (1989) - bosch hansella model 145a vacuum cooker ...

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                                Harrison, NY, USA
                              • Nova Biomedical Bioprofile 400

                                • Manufacturer: Nova

                                  test menu: glutamine, glutamate, glucose, lactate, ammonium, ph, po2, pco2, sodium, potassium, osmolality, air saturation, co2 saturation, hco3.

                                  San Diego, CA, USA