• Glue specification machine for spigot joint

        glue specification machine for tenon joints 7jcq3hy lf 250

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        Bavaria, Germany
      • 2005 Glue

        • Manufacturer: DWT

          glue spreading system dwt including narrow page gluing for hollow box girder. suitable for separate order of resin and hardener (so far melamine) incl. control with automatic start-stop system or manual control. ...

          Saint Gallen, Switzerland
        • Glue star

          • Manufacturer: Kuper

            pickup! capacity: 8 litres 33cwslg80 operating pressure: 8 bar max including fittings design: standard tank with pvc - lining, safety valve, pressure gauge, air fill valve, water tank with bracket, glue specifyin...

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            Saxony, Germany
          • 2000 Glue specification device

            • Manufacturer: Schneeberger

              schneeberger glue container 10 kg, with nozzle 3uzsosjqs

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            • Coater/Roll Press Similar to Black Bros 51-1/4" wide Top & Bottom

                  used top & bottom coater/roll press (similar to black bros.) a.opens to approx. 3" max. thickness b.51-1/4" wide coating rolls. grooved rolls are 7-1/8" dia. c.each coating roll has a trough that butts up agai...

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                  Portland, OR, USA
                • 1996 GLUE SPREADER

                  • Manufacturer: DRESAN

                    glue spreader make: dresan sbg7hcjwd length: 1.300m.m. 4 rollers

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                  • JOOS LAM 1300

                    • Manufacturer: Joos

                      used glue spreader lam jade type make 1300 c9hxahiao working width 1300 mm roll diameter 150 mm drive 0.75 kw throughput speed 22 m / min. dimensions approx. 1900 x 600 x 1190 mm weight 540 kg

                      Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
                    • 2010 Nordson Melton 4KG ( 941xx402 )

                      • Manufacturer: Nordson

                        1800 watt 230 v 2 nordson heated hoses (1.20 m and 2.30 m) without discharge nozzle pneumatic connection weight approx. kg 09hsif3zk dimensions: 350 x 680 x 570 mm (w x d x h)

                        Lower Saxony, Germany
                      • 1987 Hymmen TLA

                        • Manufacturer: Hymmen

                          1400 mm workingwidth 2 rubber drums 2 docier drums 3mazuz7so adapter for cooling conect

                        • 2012 HARDO TH 1300-V60 PU BV

                          • Manufacturer: HARDO

                            new roller coater job width up to 1,300 mm reinforced roller and storage speed 5-30m / min, control by potentiometer camuaflc air-tight closing lid for pur-hotmelt order thickness 3-300 mm electric motor adjustab...

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                            Thuringia, Germany