• Dimter Profi Press L 2500 HF Radio Frequency Gluer 1368

    • Manufacturer: Dimter
    • Capacity: 100" x 48" x 3.25"

    hydraulic raise & lower of top platen via two jack-screws multi-functional pusher, driven by 3/4 hp, 266/460v, 3ph motor 20 kw radio frequency generator pusher rides on thk lineal guides & bearings 100" x 48" inf...

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    Hughesville, PA, USA

    • Manufacturer: Edge

      rosenquist eb 850 h high frequency edge gluer;50" x 103" x 4-1/2" cap., end loading with hinged top platen. -- 30 kw frequency generator with solid-state rectifiers and automatic current control (cures up to 3,0...

      United States
    • 1987 L & L GA-100 HIGH FREQUENCY EDGE GLUER [RF-010514]

      • Manufacturer: Edge

        54" x 106" x 5" gluing thickness., feed through design, built-in 15 kw frequency generator. -- 110" infeed table with new steel bed plate. -- 96" outfeed ttable -- new uhmw bed frame with new aluminum. -- n...

        United States
      • 1977 L & L GA-43 HIGH FREQUENCY EDGE GLUER [RF-010513]

        • Manufacturer: Edge

          26" wide x 43" long x 2-1/2" thick; curing area with a 5 kw generator to cure 500 square inches of glue line per minute; with a separate hydraulic pump unit to apply top pressure and side pressure.

          United States
        • RFS Radio Frequency Gluer

              used  rfs  radio frequency gluer this used radio frequency gluer, manufactured by rfs, features a two-handed no tie down safety controls. technical specifications: 33" x 46" curing area 2" max. thickness capacity...

              Auburn, GA, USA
            • Rosenquist Radio Frequency Gluer - Model: EG-400A

              • Manufacturer: ROSENQUIST600-1185-3611775n/aEG-400ARF090000393CLEANED/CHECKEDRosenquist

                used rosenquist radio frequency gluer - model: eg-400a this used radio frequency gluer. manufactured by rosenquiest, features a manual hand crank infeed table. technical specifications: 36" x 48" curing area maxi...

                Auburn, GA, USA
              • L & L DA-100 2-WAY LUMBER BANDER [RF-010520]

                • Manufacturer: L & L

                  l & l da-100 high frequency gluer;50" x 100" platen size (clamping area), pneumatic 4-way pressure (side/edge & end) high frequency assembly press; -- 48" x 96" curing area, 2" thickness capacity. -- press is d...

                  United States
                • ROSENQUIST EB 900 H RF EDGE GLUER [RF-010525]

                  • Manufacturer: Edge

                    rosenquist eb 900 high frequency press 4-sided122" x 61" capacity x 4-1/2" thickness; 20 kw radio frequency generator capable of curing 2,000 square inches of glue line per minute (to be confirmed).equipped with...

                  • Rosenquest High Frequency Gluing Press - Model EB-850H

                    • Manufacturer: ROSENQUIST785850H257289TCn/aEB-850HRF0200000127ATFSRosenquist

                      used rosenquist model eb-850h high frequency gluing press this used high frequency gluing press, features a 50" x 103" curing area.and is offered with all related equipment. technical specifications: maximum thic...

                      Auburn, GA, USA
                    • High Frequency Gluing Press - Model RFS CG3660

                          used rfs radio frequency services model cg3660 20kw this high frequency gluing press, manufactured by rfs, is equipped with a 20kw generator and with electrical controls wired for ac 3/60/480 volt operation; havi...

                          Auburn, GA, USA