• 2007 Omal HBD 1550 CNC bore, glue and dowel insertion machine

    $37,500 - Williamsport, PA
    • Manufacturer: Omal

    used omal model hbd 1550 cnc bore, glue and dowel insertion machine. year 2007. 220v 5kw, 6mm and 8mm independent bore, glue and dowel heads, each with it's own variable controlled vibrating hopper...

  • Black Bros 22-D Series 875 68" top and bottom glue spreader

    $38,900 - Williamsport, PA
    • Manufacturer: Black Bros

    used black bros series 875 model 22-d, 68" top and bottom glue spreader. sn 164462, year 1988, 1hp variable speed feed, 3-phase 460v, single hand wheel adjustment of upper rollers with mechanical d...


    $70,000 - Williamsport, PA

      used rfs protech door/window rf clamp model: 4/5. machine description: a high quality 4-way clamp with its 38" by 78" clamping area mounted on a 45° angle for easy loading, positioning and removal ...

    • SCM Jolly Colla Precision Metering Glue Gun.

      $3,300 - Williamsport, PA
      • Manufacturer: SCM
      • Capacity: 8 liters
      • Weight: 40 Kg.

      the automatic multifunctional glue dosing machine, jollycolla is designed to deposit dosed quantities of glue either with continuous or impulse mode. the precision quantity adjustment is performed ...

    • Tregarne Wood Welder.

      $6,950 - Williamsport, PA
      • Manufacturer: Tregarne

      penetration: 50mm effective, curing speed: 3 - 10 seconds per weld. generator frequency: nominal 27.2 mhz. includes - timer for adjustable cure length with "elapsed" buzzer, easily visible power ne...

    • RFS Conveyorized Glue Spreader

      No price - Williamsport, PA
      • Manufacturer: RFS

      used conveyorized glue spreader. 23" wide conveyor; 6' infeed; 6' outfeed; hold down roller; 1 hp single speed feed; aluminum grooved applicator roller; photo electric eye on one end to stop convey...

    • 2005 Edgetech DT460 Dryer

      $22,400 - Williamsport, PA
      • Manufacturer: Edgetech

      used edgetech dt460 dryer. buyer must facilitate dismantle & removal upon purchase. mfg. year: 2005 460v, 3ph, 135 amps very good condition variable speed infeed/outfeed conveyors infrared heaters ...

    • L & Machinery DA-50X100 L&L High Freq Rim Banding Press

      $37,500 - Williamsport, PA
      • Manufacturer: L & L Machinery

      used l&l da-50x100 high frequency rim banding press. for rim banding, frame assembly, and edge gluing; 2-way pneumatic pressure; 50" x 100" curing area; maximum thickness capacity - 2"; 15 kw gener...

    • 2000 L & Machinery DA-80 L&L High Frequency Glue Press

      $39,900 - Williamsport, PA
      • Manufacturer: L & L Machinery
      • Capacity: 4-1/2"

      used l&l da-80 high frequency glue press. for rim banding, frame assembly, and edge gluing; 2-way hydraulic pressure; 50" x 80" curing area; maximum thickness capacity - 4-1/2"; 10 kw generator; si...

    • HM60 Monco Hot Roll Glue Spreader

      $29,950 - Williamsport, PA

        used monco hm60 hot roll glue spreader. 12-1/2" diameter heated, hard chromed applicator and doctor rolls thermo-oil heated with an average of 60 kw power consumption, up to 425f ambient temperatur...