• Sorter, Grapes, P&L Trieur, Mdl LTT2+2 MOG, S/st, Wine

    No price - Brisbane, CA, USA

      sorting table, manufactured by p&l trieur, model ltt2+2.all stainless steel contacts. unit designed to allow unripe berries, stem jacks, raisins, and material other than grapes to pass through scre...

    • Centrifuge, Disc, Auto, Westfalia, SA 80-06-0177, S/st

      No price - Brisbane, CA, USA
      • Manufacturer: Westfalia

      westfalia centrifuge, model sa 80-06-177, stainless steel, with 60 hp v-belt drive, piping, controls, tools, and rotary brush stainer. new 1974, serviced seasonally on grape juice and only run s...

    • Press, Screw, Jones, P-100, Vertical, S/st, 10 HP,

      No price - Chowchilla, CA, USA
      • Manufacturer: Jones

      jones vertical screw press, series 100s, stainless steel contacts, complete with 10 hp drive. previously used at grape juice processing facility, running at a rate of 15 tph. includes 6" diamete...

    • Press, Screw, Pera, 32", S/st, Wine Press,

      No price - Chowchilla, CA, USA

        stainless steel screw press, manufactured by materiel pera. complete with approximately 32" diameter screw, stainless steel screw, screens and other contact parts. previously used to press grapes f...

      • Centrifuge, Disc, Auto, Westfalia, SAMR 5036, S/st

        No price - Brisbane, CA, USA
        • Manufacturer: Westfalia

        westfalia automatic desluding centrifuge, model samr 5036, sanitary stainless steel contact parts. bowl rated for 6500 rpm and has a sludge holding space of 1.6 gal. last running grape juice in a w...

      • Press, Belt, Pcp, 2.5 Meter, S/st, Wine, Mdl 2500/91

        No price - Brisbane, CA, USA

          pcp (proipafisa) belt press, model 2500/91, 2.5 meter belt width. all wetted parts are sanitary stainless steel. the press is equipped with waukesha infeed pump with a 15 hp vari-speed drive, hy...

        • 2005 Frilli Implianti Srl Italy 12 Stills - 4 distillation colunms 4812017

          No price - Helsinki, Finland
          • Manufacturer: Frilli Implianti Srl Italy

          distillery & bottling plant frilli implianti 10 000 liters ena  / 24 hours complete distillery to produce extra neutral alcohol 10 000 liters / day from grapes and capable of packaging into glass b...

        • Roll chop roll chop 3S free-grape-free strip processing in the fruit and wine industry - from 3 to 8 Hacksterne Rollhacke S3 Grundgeräte Reweisbügel für 3 S

          No price - Hirnsdorf, Austria

            roll chack 3s without bead-free strip processing in fruit and wine production - from 3 to 8 hacksterne rollhacke s3 basic equipment receptacle for 3 s, from 3 to 8 handle 60 * 25 with toothed disc,...

          • Piston Pump MANZINI SM 120 Piston pumps #10-1535

            $2,728 - Karlstadt, Germany

              for the transfer of liquids, must, de-stalked grapes, dregs pump type: sm 120 no.cylinders: 1 delivery hl//h: 62/120 flow inverter: t pipe types: 50/(45/40) mm motor kw: 2/2,8 electrical system: v9...

            • piston pump MANZINI SM 190, Piston pumps #14-00167L

              $2,728 - Karlstadt, Germany

                for transfer of liquids, must, de-stalked grapes, yeast 1 speed: 100 2 speed: 190 volt: 380, hz: 50 performance: 250ltr/min motor : type: sm 190-380-a-tox-160-70, v 380, hz 50 thread connection dn ...