• 2016 4.5 and 6.0 And 6m hack harrow with additional equipment for use also in grassland

    No price - Rindisbacher Land- und Forsttechnik, Switzerland

      new hackstriegel from stock. various widths and on request with equipment with adjustable and demountable levelboards for use in the grassland interesting prices

    • Kverneland E 4X14 KR.8

      $6,306 - Ridabu, Norway Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Kverneland

      kverneland e 4 x 14, body 8, 160 headstock, nice used plow equipped grassland with roller blades and skimmers.

    • s Soil Ma Panbus

      $14,897 - Kempele, Finland
        • Working Width: 300 cm

        really very robustly made of high-quality grassland subsoiler treatment. subsoiler has four blades, each with a hydraulic triggers. chisel is behind roller which seals in such a way that increased ...


        No price - United Kingdom Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: Ideal

        contour 6m articulated flat rolls ideal for grassland cousins contour 6m articulated flat rolls, c/w 24 inch barrels, ideal for grassland. £4,250 + vat. contact us on 01763 780440 poa

      • 2012 Agronic Acc Combi

        $56,577 - Jyväskylä, Finland
        • Manufacturer: Agronic

        mulching paalainkäärijä this machine ready for use! pdh hapottimella, wide tires, etc. acc-equipment. baled approx. 20,000 bales. diligent use: mm serviced on time!

      • 2015 Schuitemaker Amigo 20S And distribution cars

        $17,104 - Wohlen bei Bern, Switzerland
        • Manufacturer: Schuitemaker
        • Model: AMIGO 20S

        demo machine schuitemaker amigo 20s schuitemaker amigo simple, solid, robust, top ballenauflösung especially also with uncut bales these are some points of the amigos of the dutch agricultural mach...

      • Votex Jumbo 230 Weidebloter

        $796 - Stiens, Netherlands
        • Manufacturer: Votex

        well rotatable dealer: ob16s-0338 | zip code: 9051

      • Eberlei 3000 mm 1200 mm Meadow roller, soil roller, roller # 164

        No price - Wiefelstede, Germany
        • Manufacturer: Eberlei

        ackerwalze, grassland roll, meadow roller, ground roll, roller -wiesenwalze, diameter 1200 mm -wanddicke of the tube 18 mm. -wasserbefüllbar -transportbreite 3000 mm -arbeitsbreite ca 2750 mm -with...

      • APV Doorzaaimachine GP300 M1 Graslandverzorgin

        No price - Borne, Netherlands
        • Manufacturer: APV

        standard edition - complete machine with two harrows and cambridge-roll suspension egalisatiebord- harrow with 10mm teeth (40 pieces) - harrow with 8mm tines (56 pieces) - heavy grassland cambridge...

      • 2012 Wolagri FW 15 J Rundballenwickler

        $13,831 - Sankt Marienkirchen bei Schärding, Austria
        • Manufacturer: Wolagri

        wolagri fw 15 j three-point winder (bj: 2012) for ball width: 1.20 m and bale-dm: 1.20 to 1.60 m 2 driven conical winding rollers, 750 mm film pre-stretch, fully automatic control, ground support r...