• McConnel 2m Grassland Shakaerator 11025285

    • Manufacturer: Mcconnel

      2 leg auto re-set grassland discs size / width: 2 metre | condition_info: ex stock

      No price
      Newinn, Ireland
    • 2014 PHILIP WATKINS Grassland Subsoiler

      • Manufacturer: PHILIP WATKINS

        philip watkins 4 leg auto reset grassland subsoiler, c/w 4 auto reset legs with leading discs large packer roller and following harrow so the machine is suitable for mounting a grass seeder to it. a very strong w...

        $9,095 (USD)
        Milfield, United Kingdom

        • Manufacturer: ALSTRONG

          alstrong 3 metre auctus grassland over seeder, ex demo - as new. £8,000 +vat

          $10,411 (USD)
          Llancarfan, United Kingdom
        • 2016 4.5 and 6.0 And 6m hack harrow with additional equipment for use also in grassland

              new hackstriegel from stock. various widths and on request with equipment with adjustable and demountable levelboards for use in the grassland interesting prices

              No price
              Rindisbacher Land- und Forsttechnik, Switzerland
            • 2008 GKM græsmarksharve

              • Manufacturer: GKM
              • Working Width: 23.0 feet

              nice grassland shore. 7 meters wide with hydraulic flap. is in good condition

              $8,732 (USD)
            • 2013 Evers Grasprofi 6,2 mtr

              • Manufacturer: Evers

                as good as new evers grass profi cambridge roller 6.2mtr, rollers, grassland ironing boards, adjustable spring teeth, pneumatic seed drill condition of the driveline: good state of construction / chassis / weld...

                $20,407 (USD)
                Bennekom, Netherlands
              • Kronos 420 Messenrol-eg

                • Manufacturer: Kronos

                  the kronos 420 knife ounce is suitable for: - seedbed preparation - most and compost mixing with the soil - ventilation of permanent pasture and grassland - stoppel culture technical data: - working width: ...

                  No price
                  IJsselstein, Netherlands
                • s Soil Ma Panbus

                    • Working Width: 300 cm

                    really very robustly made of high-quality grassland subsoiler treatment. subsoiler has four blades, each with a hydraulic triggers. chisel after the roller is increased to seal a way that the feed subsoiling dama...

                    $13,245 (USD)
                    Kempele, Finland
                  • 2017 SMS Zahnwalze Teran 630P

                    • Manufacturer: SMS

                      description toothed roller 3-piece, 6,3 m, suitable for field and grassland, high-quality tooth rings 500/550 mm made of spherical cast iron (non-steeping gray cast iron). - stable chassis, - drawbar eyelet 40 ...

                      $12,338 (USD)
                    • 2016 MX BCDA 210 Godet avec fraise

                      • Manufacturer: MX

                        godet de 2m10 vat: inkl. mwst de | subcategory 2: payernei offer | farm technique | subcategory 3: grassland & feeding harvest | subcategory 4: silage cutter and distributor equipment | condition info: exhibit | ...

                        $5,813 (USD)
                        Payerne, Switzerland

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