• grooving-machine

    No price - Wickede, Germany Recently Added

      nutgeraet manual groove width 61 cm subcategory 2: grooving and perforating machines | subcategory 3: grooving-machine | condition info: used machine ready for use

    • Bickel perforating machine

      No price - Lauda-Königshofen, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Bickel

      machine condition in very good. nutkamm with 2 different perforierkamm. electric

    • Kroll Nutmaschine Grooving machine

      No price - Brunswick, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Kroll

      working width approx. 820 mm grooving tool and prforating tool available h7ih9cjc2cj

    • 2003 Nagel / Morgana AutoRillnak/AutoCreaser Automatic grooving machine

      $4,763 - Unterensingen, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Morgana

      thе auto-rillnak technology produces a perfect and uninjured folding because it condenses the material gently. unlike at the rotary groove on one folding machine the paper fibers are not stretched....

    • 2008 Graphic Whizard Finish Master Creasing, perforating and slitting machine

      No price - Neuhausen, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Graphic Whizard

      crеasing, perforating and slitting machine friction feed intake width max. 45 cm paper weight up to 250 g / sqm maintained condition, hardly used

    • 2013 Graphic Whizard CreaseMasterPlus+ creasing/perforating

      No price - Siegsdorf, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Graphic Whizard
      • Size: 457 x 570mm

      box and t perforating up to 10 impact creases per sheet max. speed 4600 sheets/h max. stock size: 457 x 570mm min. stock size: 127 x 89mm stock weight: 45 - 385 g/m²

    • 2009 DUPLO DC-445 creasing/folding machine

      No price - Siegsdorf, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Duplo
      • Size: 320 x 650mm

      creasing and folding machine with stacker max. size: 320 x 650mm min. size: 140 x 150mm paper weight: 110 - 350g/m² speed: up to 50 sheets/min

    • Bickel Heilbron Perforator

      No price - Riga, Latvia
      • Manufacturer: Bickel

      machine is in good condition elxi9nxgc77 subcategory 2: grooving and perforating machines | subcategory 3: perforator

    • 2006 STRATI 27 Stazmaschine

      No price - Strakonice, Czech Republic
      • Manufacturer: STRATI

      strati stazmaschinen offer the user the option not to punch and medium runs cheaply and quickly, to crease, to groove, to dance or to shape. here, the diversity of the materials to be processed are...

    • 2015 Rilecart FAR 4-42 Automatic punching machine

      No price - Čestlice, Czech Republic
      • Manufacturer: Rilecart
      • Size: L 3000 x D 700 x H 1200 mm

      maximum thickness per stroke: 2,5 mm. (standard 1,5 mm.) (standard 1,5 mm.) maximum punching size: 400 x 300 mm minimum punching size: 110 x 90 mm speed: up to 150 strokes per minute punching dista...