• Morso F Hoffmann Notcher Hauncher

    No price - Williamsport, PA
    • Manufacturer: Hoffmann
    • Weight: 90 kg

    used hoffmann morso notcher hauncher model f. foot operated guillotine for cutting perfect 45 degree miters: * safety guard * scrap chute * right hand side cast iron table extensions * right hand s...

  • B1000/ 3 guillotine shears

    $2,808 - Korntal-Münchingen, Germany

      working width: 1,000 mm, power range: sheet steel 400 n / mm: 2.50 mm, robust lever / tafelschere, setting the width stop by spindle adjustment, adjustable lower blade, max. projection of the stop ...

    • 2006 Polar 78XT Guillotine

      $17,738 - Saku, Japan Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: POLAR

      guillotinе/cutter, photo-cell safety guard, spare blades (4 hss), air bed, chrome table, side tables, digital programming, monitor, hydraulic clamping available in december 2016, till this time can...

    • PEARSON guillotine shears

      No price - Wiesbaden, Germany
      • Manufacturer: PEARSON
      • Weight: 9000 kg

      used, well preserved hydraulic cutting shears, stable steel construction, in design with swing beam compl. electr. device, electric. verstellb. back gauge, hydr. single hold-3 front support arms, 1...

    • Mengele S16-3000 Hydraulic Guillotine

      No price - Mindelheim, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Mengele

      cutting length: 3050 mm sheet thickness: 16 mm adjustment of the cutting gap: 0.1 - 0.5 mm cutting angle: 1° 20 ´ - 3° 20 ´ motorized back gauge: 900 mm number of holders: 13 projection: 600 mm tab...

    • 1987 LVD/Mariani HC 608 6000x25 Guillotine

      $75,823 - Staphorst, Netherlands
      • Manufacturer: LVD

      with complete theis sheet handling system, (sheet lifting, transporting, and packaging) sheet width max. 6000mm sheet thickness max. 25mm s235 / st37 max. 22mm s355 / st52 back stop - electrically ...

    • 1981 WEINBRENNER TSV 16/4100 guillotine shears

      No price - Wiesbaden, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Weinbrenner
      • Weight: approximately 28000 kg

      used hydraulic cutting shears, in swing beam design, with a guide for cutting angle adjustment electr. device with control for: automat. cutting angle adjustment, automat. blade gap adjustment, dep...

    • 1975 HSK HUTTENLOCHER & SCHÄFER HSKN guillotine shears

      No price - Wiesbaden, Germany
      • Manufacturer: HSK HUTTENLOCHER & SCHÄFER
      • Weight: approximately 1800 kg

      little used, really well preserved for the ages crank plate shear, driven by flywheel and countershaft mutually and positive coupling to the crankshaft with bilateral flywheels, mechanical flush ma...

    • 1966 LOTZE KSSOhy 50 guillotine shears

      No price - Wiesbaden, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Lotze
      • Weight: 28000 kg

      little used and well preserved hydraulic cutting shears, in steel structure with the top of the machine frame built-in hydraulics height beneath floor for cut cheek: 600 mm incl. compl. electr. u....

    • 1998 SAFAN HVR 310-6 TS Guillotine shear, hydraulic

      No price - Hvidovre, Denmark
      • Manufacturer: Safan

      cnc, backgauge safety guard adjustment of blade gap clearance cutting line lightning angle plate extended sheet support arms extra set of blades sheet support foot contact service tools etc fcpywlw...