• Garden tillers : RAPID UNIVERSO

    $5,112 - Richebourg, France
    • Manufacturer: RAPID UNIVERSO

    (equip) universo hydrostatic cell, 13 hp fuel motor, agrarian wheels, no tool

  • Garden tillers : RAPID UNIVERSO

    $5,006 - Richebourg, France
    • Manufacturer: Rapid

    meter: year: 2008 detailed comments (equip): detailed comments (equip) hydrostatic cycle, diesel, without tool, agra wheel, hatz rectified engine 10.5 hp, sold in state

  • 2016 Yanmar GK 160JP FRANCE Garden tractor : 160 YANMAR/JP

    $9,929 - France
    • Manufacturer: Yanmar

    yanmar gk cm abr cee, bennette 1m with planer blade, rear door double opening and central tilting and fixed grinder 1.05m new eec. tractor: diesel engine yanmar tnv the tractors of the gk series ar...

  • Husqvarna 136Li HD50, met accu en lader

    $549 - Wijhe, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: Husqvarna

    husqvarna battery euw. with bli80 and qc120 charger, 36v 50cm 3.8kg

  • Agomac Haspel

    No price - Goudriaan, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: Agomac

    hose reels manually retractable swimming 30m 1.5 "hose resistant to 40 bar pressure the larger reel is suitable for 60 meter 1.5 "hose resistant to 40 bar if desired complete supply with hose ...

  • 2010 Kverneland Optima HD e-drive

    $32,879 - Euskirchen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Kverneland
    • Model: OPTIMA HD E-DRIVE

    kverneland accord optima maissägerät hd e-drive. isobus. with 6m ph frame achtreihig. 8 seed rows hd e-drive. 8 seed discs 3250th intermediate pressure role. with red. vacuum interrupter. lighting....

  • 2011 Amazone AD 3000 mit KE 303

    $20,584 - Euskirchen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Amazone

    amazone drill combination. seeders ad 3000 super 24 with rotec droves. 12.5cm row spacing. striegel with pinch. amalog + operator. bout markers. electr. fahrgassenschaltung (5 rows per page). keilr...

  • 2004 Kerner DE-S & Eros KC 300

    $13,784 - Euskirchen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Kerner

    kerner kurzkombination eros kc 300. 1st row discs. seed discs. pinch. striegel. accord metering tank de-s. lighting. about ladesteg. bout markers. 3m working width. 24 rows with 12.5cm row spacing....

  • 2013 Seppi Miniforst 200

    $16,313 - Euskirchen, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Seppi

    forstmulcher with 200 cm working width. solid carbide tools for scrub & wood to 20 cm Ø. shearbars - comb in the housing. hydraulic opening of the flap. mech. pushing frame. wide skids. v-belt driv...

  • Husqvarna 550XP

    $957 - Wijhe, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: Husqvarna

    husqvarna euw. saw blade length 33-50 cm, 2,8kw, 4.9 kg, 50.1 cm 3.