• 2000 EFD Fritz Duesseldorf HBP 1000

    No price - Hesse, Germany
    • Manufacturer: EFD Fritz Duesseldorf

    induction hardening machine with horizontal linear transfer system for hardening of camshafts to 1000 mm workpiece length available complete and ready to use immediately. plant with siemens cnc con...

  • Pimp My Digger

    No price - Dublin, Ireland

      we are the original and we are the best. experience? check hardening oven? check own machine shop? check proper line boring? check tracked and greasable bushes? check tested and guaranteed? check....

    • Plate induction hardening machineplate induction hardening machineplate induction hardening machine

      No price -
      • Manufacturer: EMA

      plate induction hardening machine with feeding. use in the manufacture valve stem.

    • 1995 Buerkle FFA II 1300

      No price
      • Manufacturer: Bürkle

      buerkle thermal laminating plant type ffa ii 1300 hot laminating system for one and two-sided surface laminating of foils and decorative paper from the roll to plane wood panels, e.g. chipboard, in...

    • Nolzen Kts 53/40/70 spez. Hardening furnace

      $6,162 - Netphen, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Nolzen

      hardening furnace nolzen kts 53/40/70 spez. used machine hardening furnace manufacturer: artur nagy type: kts 53/40/70 spec. factory no.: 14752 max temperature ° c 1150 3 x 400 volt heating: electr...

    • EMA K 120

      No price - United Kingdom
      • Manufacturer: EMA

      the mf unit is an 3 kh 120 kw based on igbt. 2mqrb0gd the plant was used for for tooth hardening of sprockets and gear teeth and hardening of wear stripes.

    • TOCCO Toccotron SS

      No price - Dortmund, Germany
      • Manufacturer: TOCCO

      the rf unit is a 150 kh 150 kw based on mosfet (field effect transistor) xtao38uvc this induction hardening plant can be used for shafts (ø 20 to 30 mm and 300 to 800 mm long).

    • Degussa Durferrit GKU-S 70/65/100

      No price - Italy
      • Manufacturer: Degussa Durferrit

      the degussa plant consists of: 1. gas carburizer type: gku-s 70/65/100 nominal temperature: 1100°c t98oqr78j useable dimensions (b x h x t): 700 x 650 x 1100 mm protective gas: sticksoff, methanol ...

    • 2017 Expom Tiefenlockerer PEGAZ / głębosz

      $2,563 - Bialystok, Poland
      • Manufacturer: Expom
      • Working Width: 1.80 m

      the pegaz depth loosener is used to mechanically break up the compacted soil, which improves the water and air supply of the plants. with the machine, the floor is deeply loosened (from 400 up to ...