• TOCCO Toccotron SS Induction hardening plant

    No price - Dortmund, Germany
    • Manufacturer: TOCCO

    thе rf unit is a 150 kh 150 kw based on mosfet (field effect transistor) this induction hardening plant can be used for shafts (ø 20 to 30 mm and 300 to 800 mm long).

  • EMA K 120 Induction hardening plant

    No price - United Kingdom
    • Manufacturer: EMA

    the mf unit is an 3 kh 120 kw based on igbt. the plant was used for for tooth hardening of sprockets and gear teeth and hardening of wear stripes. cpfkd

  • 1999 Aichelin VC Vacuum hardening plant

    No price - North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Aichelin

    vacuum hardening plant with ce mark max. charge weight: 2.000 kg max. charge dimensions: 1000 x 1000 x 2000 mm consists of: 1 hardening furnace type: vct r-101020 temperature: 150-1320°c power:...

  • 1999 Surface Combustion Chamber furnaces plant

    No price - North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Surface Combustion

    protеctive gas chamber hardening plant with ce mark max. charge weight: 2.000 kg charge dimensions: 915x915x1.220 mm consists of: 2 hardening chamber furnaces type: allcase furnace temperature...

  • Degussa Durferrit GKU-S 70/65/100 Complete hardening line

    No price - Italy
    • Manufacturer: Degussa Durferrit

    the degussa plant consists of: 1. gas carburizer type: gku-s 70/65/100 nominal temperature: 1100°c useable dimensions (b x h x t): 700 x 650 x 1100 mm protective gas: sticksoff, methanol natural g...

  • Plate induction hardening machineplate induction hardening machineplate induction hardening machine

    No price - Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: EMA

    plate induction hardening machine with feeding. use in the manufacture valve stem.

  • 1989 Solo 202 30-30-60 8CG Bell annealer facility

    $67,912 - Bronschhofen, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Bell

    complete hardening plant new main switch control 2007 batch size 30x30x60 1 x hardening furnace / 1x tempering furnace / 3 x quench oil / water / n2 max.1000 annealing / hardening / carburizing / q...

  • 2000 AEG-ELOTHERM BTH /6005-1/1100 NC

    No price - Willich, Germany
    • Manufacturer: AEG

    control: nc | capacity: 6000 kg/h | quotation: ex works | current capacity: 2400 kw | max. temperature: 1320 grad | term of delivery: short-term | work piece width: 95 mm | workpiece length: 510 m...

  • 2016 Expom Tiefenlockerer PEGAZ / głębosz

    $2,458 - Bialystok, Poland
    • Manufacturer: Expom
    • Working Width: 1.80 m

    the pegaz depth loosener is used to mechanically break the compacted soil, which improves the water and air supply of the plants. with the machine, the floor is deeply loosened (from 400 up to 600...

  • Plants-de-drilling-rig hand drill water wells 100-150m vertical hydraulic cheap 2000

    No price - Cluj-Napoca, Romania Recently Added

      hydraulic rig hydraulic vertical with good yield drilling water wells and drilling geotechnica in good condition it used for drilling rigs for depth of 100-150m the plant is mounted on a trailer ch...