• 2004 Roopack Spiro280

    $4,716 - Rotterdam, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: Roopack Machines

    roopack spimaro spinach harvester. this harvester works with two rotating cutting discs. this way of harvesting has several advantages, including the fact that there is no harvest loss compared to ...

  • 2013 Ortomec KL Herbex 8500

    No price - Rotterdam, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: Ortomec Machines

    ortomec – self-propelled harvester crawler, model kl herbex 8500 self-propelled harvester on tractor wheels suitable for cutting and harvesting of various leaf vegetables such as baby leaf,arugula,...

  • Pixall Big Jack

    No price - Roosendaal, Netherlands

      pixall big jack bean harvester sweet/seed corn, spinach, bean sußmaïs, saatmaïs, spinat, bohnen maïs doux, maïs semence, epinard, haricots vert zoete maïs, zaadmaïs, spinazie, bonen pixall, ploeger...

    • 1996 Ploeger MK - BP2000

      $31,532 - Nobitz, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Ploeger

      self-propelled for the harvest of beans and spinach, exchange system for attachments, attachment for bean harvesting kat.ii, cabin with air seat, radio, air conditioning, 2-stage hydrostatic drive,...

    • Onbekend spinazieaandrukrol

      $3,108 - Meterik, Netherlands
      • Manufacturer: Onbekend

      a pressure roller that rolls up and down in order to roll on the spinach so that it may in the container. you can attach with 4 twist-lock on a carrier or trailer.