98" (2.50m) twin wire fourdrinier paper machine, 130 - 250gsm, 80,000 tpy, max speed 500 mpm, last producing white top test liner, brown test liner and fluting. originally carcano design, last overhaul in 2003. c...

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        Chalfont, PA, USA
      • 166″ VOITH SULZER 160″ TRIM #20316-2

        • Manufacturer: Sulzer

          used 166″ voith sulzer stainless steel headbox. type 316 stainless. 160″ pond. air pad design with dual rectifier rolls. 6434 gpm, min. operating speed 1000 fpm, max. operating speed 2100 fpm. 30-103 lbs/3300sq.f...

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          Hainesport, NJ, USA
        • 135″ (3.45M) BELOIT CONCEPT 3 HEADBOX SS #ZW58813

              used 135″ (3.42m) pond beloit headbox. fully rebuilt in 1994. slice controls primary headbox. 2500 fpm (762 mpm) right hand driven. designed flow rate: 5000 gpm (18921 lpm) or 37 gpm per inch or (147 lpm per 2.54...

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              United States
            • POMP DEGASSER PUMP SYSTEM #ZW58497

                  used pomp degasser pump system. new 2001. model 415-250-150-700c-7588, size 400. stainless steel construction. 75 hp. designed for faster and more efficient color changes, reducing the volume of white water ...

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                  Nebraska, United States
                • 177″ (4.52M) WIDE VOITH PRESSURIZED HEADBOX #ZW58898

                      used 177″ (4.52m) wide voith type o/w/g–3/k pressurized headbox design speed of 500 mpm or 1640 fpm and ran at approximately 300 mpm or 984 fpm. manufactured new in germany in 1962 with full upgrade and overhaul...

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                    • 3.1M (122″) Wide, 2.85M (112″) Trim Fourdrinier Paper Machine #ZW58351

                          used 122″ (3.1m) wide, 112″ (2.85m) trim, fourdrinier paper machine of japanese/taiwanese manufacture. designed for 160-450 gsm grades at 230-300 tons per day operation. new in 1984. the machine was making carton...

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                          American Samoa